I love sablés. with coffee or tea or on their own. You can’t go wrong with having sablés in your pantry/cookie tin. These round Scottish shortbread bring back happy memories, especially baked in these rounds and broken into triangles. Hope you like them too..

sablés écossais &

sablés écossais recette

Pincée de sel:

  • It can also be baked as squares, by rolling/pressing into a rectangular pan and cut into squares.
  • Piercing with a fork is tradition.
  • Try adding fresh thyme leaves or the tiny flowers(no hard stems) to the dough before rolling.
  • Try adding lavender flowers to the dough. (Be careful, as lavender can be very powerful.

..pinching a scolloped edge with the fingers, piercing with a fork and scoring into segments..

sablés écossais 2

..sprinkle with castor sugar..

sablés écossais 3

Recipe adapted from Cuisiner! 280 recettes: Larousse

A great film for other movie lovers like me…even though it isn’t weekend yet. Keep this film in mind. I am not sure whether it is available in English or with  subtitles, but it is truly a great film with great acting, great script, great directing.

..La source des femmes..


..à la prochaine fois..


11 thoughts on “Scottish shortbread.(Sablés ecossais)

  1. Thanks you Sam, what a nice compliment! I have tried lavender before, but I think I have used too much because they smelled like soap..but they looked very pretty! bises

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  2. Your shortbread looks so light & crumbly.I have lots of different recipes but I’ll have to try yours. Never used rice flour is this available in most s/markets or only from specialist shops ?


  3. Thanks Barbara!

    I find rice flour at some Grands surface in the bio aisle, or else at the biostore. I actually used a farine de riz complet in this recipe, because my riz blanc was finished and I was a little afraid it wouldn’ work, but they are still as light as a feather and softly crumbly. bisous

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  4. Not surprisingly, these are the prettiest sablés I’ve ever seen! I love Pierre Hermé’s black olive sablé recipe, as found in Dorrie Greenspan’s book ‘Around My French Table.’


  5. Thanks Laura. Black olive sabls…that sounds deicious! Pierre Herms is a wizard. I love his recipes, but I don’t know this one; will look out for it, as I love olives too – few things I don’t love actually…!

    Hope you are doing well..paintings, drawing, eating, being mamy.. bisous

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  6. Every movie you have recommended has been loved:)

    Your shortbreads are gorgeous dear Ronelle..
    Your mat too!
    Ainsi..comme toujours..tes aquarelles..
    That’s how I first fell in love with you:)



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