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Avocado salad and tomato sauce.

A very old salad. Now with maybe a face lift in the shape of a tomato vinaigrette. This was a favourite little salad in our home right after my marriage. And at that stage and age it was delicious with a liberal drizzling of tomato sauce, better known as ketchup, bought straight from the supermarket shelf,  instead of a fancy vinaigrette. I don’t like tomato in a green salad, the two don’t marry well for me. But this is an exception. Maybe because it isn’t really a green salad. Or maybe it is the way it is served. Or maybe I’m only fooled by the play on words. That is what we do nowadays. A salad in the seventies would mean chopped tomatoes and green leaves with onion rings and  a dressing of vinegar and sugar.  Now we are still  not french and call our dressings vinaigrettes. Now we eat an “avocado salad with bacon topping”, Or “tomato salad with a drizzling of lemon juice”. A “green salad with roasted almonds”, “mesclun with truffle shavings”. So, do we still eat ketchup on our avocado salad…of course we do…in the secrecy of our kitchen!



A tip to try: Never put tomatoes in the fridge, even in summer. Keep them in a cool place. The cold kills all flavour. To revive some of its flavour, leave for a few minutes in water…like salad, like carrots, like all vegetables in fact.

…old things become new…


Shop green.

The world needs to “be more green”, which doesn’t mean “be boring”, like so many people think. How can it be boring, when we are able do our shopping in exciting bags like these, instead of the uncreative, ugly and environmentally unfriendly plastic store bag. Here in France, we don’t receive plastic bags at the counter, but can buy a “green” bag for a few centimes and it can be used again and again. At some stores your old worn out bag can be exchanged for a new one. If you find the bag at the store isn’t colourful enough for you, walk just around the corner and you can pick and choose bags to you heart’s delight….found anywhere and everywhere. Baskets, funky bags, sturdy bags, recycled bags, fabric bags, cheap bags, expensive bags, bags on wheels.

Buy a bag and have fun shopping. Buy a bag and be a funky shopper. Buy a bag and save our planet from destructive plastic.

…colour me beautiful…

…a helping hand…

…across continents…

…bag on a kebab…


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