The past weekend was summer. Beautiful long, lingering days. On weekends like this, you want energy. You want healthy. A ham spring roll.

Ham spring rolls

There is no formal recipe for this.  See what your fridge and pantry comes up with and take the road to fresh and seasonal.

  1. Cut some vegetables into matchsticks. I’ve used carrot, cucumber, mango, rocket leaves and chives. Place a slice of ham on a chopping board and stack some vegetables onto the one end. roll up tight and secure with a toothpick or tie with a chive(softened in boiling water for a second or two).
  2. Serve with a dipping sauce made of natural joghurt and chopped herbs and splashed with a swirl of lemon juice.
  3. Or serve with a lime ginger sauce: A tablespoon of each – freshly squeezed lime juice, rice wine vinegar, mirrin, soja sauce and some grated ginger and chopped lemon grass. Taste and adjust.

This is an entry for Weekend herb blogging, hosted this week by Ahn at Foodloversjourney.

14 thoughts on “Ham spring rolls

  1. I love the look of these spring rolls. They would be so perfect for an appetizer gathering.


  2. Clever, clever, CLEVER! I may have to change my plans for snacks to serve friends this weekend. I love the simplicity of this idea, as well as the element of “use whatever is in your fridge”!


  3. only talented hands could masterfully and elegantly made this type of spring roll ronell… you need to teach me someday, this dish is simple, delicious and yet elegant 🙂 yum


  4. creative, colourful and undoubtedly delicious!!! I am running out of words to describe your entry, dear Ronnel!


  5. I ‘m two months pregnant and suffering of morning sickness… ham and vegetables are the only things that I can eat now

    So really thank you! I will try this recipe soon!



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