Spaghetti squash makes for an quite an interesting meal…served with a homemade tomato sauce, or with  oven baked tomatoes.   Especially great for those who want to cut down on carbohydrates…and calories..



  • Don’t overcook the squash, or else it won’t shred off in strands, but be mushy.
  • The squash can alos be cooked in the microwave oven – prick all over with a knife and microwave for about 15 minutes or more until the skin is tender but not soft. (whole squash of about 1 kg)
  • The squash on its own is fairly tasteless and bland, so take care to make your tomatoes/sauce flavorful.
  • Instead of oven baked tomatoes, a tomato sauce can be made by sauteing some onions, adding chooped tomatoes and reducing at low heat until thick anad flavorful. Season with salt and pepper, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and add shredded basil leaves.
  • Chopped olives and parmesan cheese can be added when serving the dish.
  • Marinate tomatoes are tomatoes that have been dried in the oven until semi dry and still holds juice. It must be refrigerated and doesn’t keep as long as dried tomatoes, but is much more flavorful.
  • This spaghetti with sauce can be served as an accompaniment to any kind of fish.



I don’t do a lot of fall decoration, but I do like a little pumpkin and some fresh autumn fruit here and there. Some leaves… Nothing very whoo haa. Just a little something. A little autumn flavor brought inside.

Normalement je ne fais pas trop de décoration d’automne, à l’exception d’une courge çà et là. J’aime aussi les fruits saisonnales en abondances , comme des poires, de jolies pommes de saison et n’oublie pas de délicieux coings! Et bien sur, les belles feuilles mortes, que je ramasse quotidiennement partout sur mon passage, remplacent les bouquets de fleurs estivales. Je ne fais rien en grande pompe, mais tout ça donne juste un petit gout d’automne dans la maison et ses alentours.

..autumn leaves in white vase..

Flowers get replaced by autmn leaves and greenery, picked up on walks by the vases, in bowls.

..autumn leaves..

White pumpkins make for attractive decor everywhere in the house. place some small ones on a stack of books, or on top of some dried moss, stack them in urns and pots…

..sandpot with pumpkins...and old books with pumpkins..

Their shapes and smooth whiteness harmonize well with the rustic texture of outside walls and pots, urns and wooden surfaces.

...urn with pumpkins..

Outside they can stand quietly beside a pot planted with white cyclamen. Or even inside keeping a vase of drying hydrangeas company. Alongside apples, they seduce us with color and form. A still life.., there.., to admire and enjoy the quietness of autumn.

..autumn decor..


..bon week-end!..



18 thoughts on “Ambiance 22/10: Spaghetti squash with three-tomato-sauce..and autumn flavour.

  1. I love seeing on my Blogroll when you have’s like a favorite magazine in your mail and you know the editor:)

    The meal looks great! I love oven roasted tomatoes on pasta.. so this is a sure thing..Tomates en flocons..I have never seen that here..They must add a kick:)?
    As to your decor..Flawless and inimitable:)

    I too favor the white pumpkins..I saw a cute idea.. the address of the home on a larger one:)Like the new sidebar..more to explore!?

    Oui Bonne fin de semaine…x


  2. Hey Ronelle! You know, spaghetti squash is my favorite Autumn squash (I think?). I love it. If I see some at the market this weekend, I will try to make it this way with some homemade tomato sauce. Maybe I’ll even treat myself to it with some fish, since it’s my birthday weekend;)
    Ooh, and I’ve never seen a white pumpkin-that’s too pretty!


  3. I look forward to your posts. I get to spend some time in France, where “old” means something quite different than it does here in San Diego. Your photos transport me to a place I love, and your recipes always make my mouth water. Have a great weekend, Ronelle!


  4. Dear Ronelle

    I have never heard of spaghetti squash but it certainly looks delicious! I love the yellow and red colors with a dash of green and the brown blackish color of the balsamic vinegar….

    I love the photographs of your pumpkins and autumn leaves…




    Oh, I do love indeed your charming Ideas for fall decorations inside the home….!!!

    The white pumpkins places so sympaticly on the books are just too sweet….!!!
    The coloured leaves on plates…..BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I am certain natural decorations as you show so charming are just SUBLIME!!!!!

    have a great weekend!
    ciao ciao elvira


  6. Ronelle, I have made this dish and loved it. My children at the time wanted to know what kind of noodles these were.

    I love your decor for the fall with the rustic whites.



  7. Lovely recipe and amazing photos. I’d love for you to submit one of your beautiful photos to my new vegetarian food photo gallery showcasing beautiful and flavorful vegetarian food.


  8. Between the spaghetti squash, the oven roasted tomatoes and the touch of autumn decor, I feel as if I am walking through an autumn fairyland. Love using spaghetti squash and now feel compelled to go foraging for pretty autumn leaves. Lovely posting.


  9. Bonjour Ronelle~ I love clicking over to your site and seeing what goodies you have for us bloggers. It gets me inspired and I head to the kitchen and ~ Food glorious Food!!


  10. Dear Ronelle…you are truly an artist in so many ways. Those photos are certainly magazine worthy…such romantic interiors ;o)

    The meal as well is one I can appreciate very much since I fix spaghetti squash in a very similar way 😉

    Have a great week and flavourful wishes,


  11. What a gorgeous squash photo and such stunningly sweet cream and white vignettes! Your taste is exquisite. I agree about your site being a lot like a magazine and I can never decide which issue is my favorite.

    It’s so fun to see how you interpret fall. Now to try and emulate this in my house….


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