3 thoughts on “Time for a film

  1. sometimes I get tired and frustrated with how much work and time I put into gardening, but your enthusiam for gardening reminds me to enjoy the simple and beautiful things in my garden. Thank you, and great work with the photos on your site!


  2. As someone who hopes to move this year I can relate 100% to your comments about moving and the stuff one accumulates.
    Ive worked hard here and enjoyed the house with its big windows, the light as it comes through the Georgian panes, the shutters to keep out the cold, the views of the garden and the hills around us in Gloucestershire but as much as I love this house but its time to go..its too big, too expensive to heat and too far from friends! Our next house will be smaller and more compact, wherever it is, and as yet we dont know where that will be so its both exciting and worrying!


  3. Thanks Patricia…I can totally understand the desire to scale down. At some stage it just gets too heavy and one feels like “letting in more light”, apart from getting more heat into a Georgian (however beautiful and elegant they are ( I love them of course!) Good luck on the househunting…may you find that special retreat that just speaks to you and let go of the worrying and focus on the excitement.

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