I am writing from Coin Perdu in Puy d’Arnac, Correze, where we’ve opened up the house and restarted the restoration process.

I have started work in the vegetable garden, where the process is much slower than I would like, but like with art, it should be about the process and not only about the end result. so I’m slacking down and enjoying the stiff muscles and backaches and bruises and blisters…or am I? Be it as it may; life here in the green valleys of Correze doesn’t care for haste and speed(except on the roads).  Days are long and start and end in their own time. People stop in the roads to talk to the neighbour. Chickens and ducks waddle lazily by the roadsides and the cattle just graze without thought in the hills. how can I  push on with my vegetable garden when the rest of the world around me is taking time to enjoy the present moment. So I suggest a break from our hectic programs…stop by the market, buy a bunch of radishes, call some friends for a sundowner and catch up on that friendship while you munch on fresh radishes with real butter and a sprinkling of fleur de sel. It is what we do often. It is what all French do. Often.


  • Use any herbs of your choice, but stick to a maximum of three. I used parsley, chives and lemon peel, with a drop of lemon juice.
  • Serve mayonnaise for those who don’t eat butter.
  • Instead of Fleur de sel, use Maldon salt flakes.
  • Don’t throw the leaves of the radishes away, use to make a soup, like you would use spinach.
  • Serve with a cold rose or cold dry white wine as an aperitif.

…and a magazine feature.

I’ve had the big honor of being featured in the spring issue of the elegant magazine Where women cook, by the very creative team of Jo Packham.  See the magazine cover on my sidebar.

In continuation of this article, everybody who is featured in this issue  is also featured on the Where women cook – blog, Amuse bouche. I can promise you will enjoy Amuse bouche…it is full of inspiration with ideas and good reads about interesting people with exciting adventures and projects and stunning photography!

I will be featured  on Amuse Bouchefrom Monday 18 April to Thursday 21 April with:

Please drop by and say hi…I hope you enjoy!

And last but not least: A BIG thank you to Jo Packham from the magazine Where women cook, for this invitation and to Loralee Choate who does such a fantastic job on Amuse Buche!

à bientôt


22 thoughts on “Radishes with butter and fleur de sel..and a magazine feature.

  1. Hi Ronelle,

    I have my radishes growing in my raised bed garden, still working on thinning – not a favorite task. I never thought of serving them with butter and herbs, sounds delicious.

    Congratulations on your magazine inclusion, not sure if it is available in the U.S. I will check at a local book store.



  2. Hallo Ronelle! ai dit klink so idilies..om self die pas aan te gee van elke dag se verloop…dankie vir die “links na “Where women cook” en ook ” Amuse Bouche”..gaan dadelik kyk! Baie geluk hiermee, jy verdien dit!
    geniet Coin Perdu en sien uit om die vordering van jou groentetuin te volg..baie liefde Colette ~ Afrique du Sud


  3. Bonjour Ronelle – Your article in “Amuse Bouche” is just lovely – you’re a very talented lady – and always inspire me with your recipes and cooking ideas. xx


  4. Beautiful layout, beautiful photos, beautiful recipe and radishes, and so wonderful to be in print. Congratulations!!!!!


  5. So colorful!

    I’ve left my congratulations at your other blog..but I reiterate..Bravo belle fille..Je suis heureuse pour toi!


  6. Sounds like a day in Heaven there! ~~

    Congratulations on the article!! I know it will be beautiful. Can you buy the magazine here in the States?

    Enjoy your lovely week.


  7. I was introduced to that method of eating radishes and have never looked back. Congrats on being featured in the magazine – what a huge, sweet honor. How smart to take breaks from back-breaking work to enjoy conversation and radishes. “Conversations and radishes” sounds like a title, doesn’t it?


  8. Yum! We used to eat radishes in that manner when I was a kid and I completely forgot how yummy it was. I think I might put some out at Easter. How pretty would that be?!


  9. What beautiful radishes! I will have to see if I can find some beauties like yours when our farmers’ market opens the first week in May. I would love to try to eat them the French way 😉

    Congratulations on the magazine feature!! I loved seeing more photos of you and your home(s) at Amuse Bouche. Ils sont charmants!


  10. Good morning dear Ronelle,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my posting and leaving a valued comment.

    Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! I did make my way over to the interview at Amuse Bouche and was so touched by it and by your honest and humble answers. I love that about you. Remarkable as you are-you are always humble.

    Sending love and best wishes across the miles.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  11. Dear Ronelle
    Awhhh…your photographs are just beautiful! I wish I could share some radishes and a glass of red wine with you!
    Congratulations on being featured in “Where Women Cook”…I am so proud of you! I am still waiting for the magazine to be delivered…I finally had to order one!
    You are such an inspiration!
    Miss you….


  12. Thank you to everybody…for your supoort and encouragement and the lovely compliments. I truly appreciate it!
    *The magazine is available on the shelf in the US, but can also be ordered online, just click on the magazine in my sidebar to get to the site.


  13. My mom used to fix radis au beurre regularly, so I grew up eating them. Lovely reminder!

    And a great article! Congratulations, Ronelle!!


  14. Hi Ronelle,

    congratulations for the magazine article……..I’m growing lettuce at the moment but I think I’ll give the radish a go……….I’ll be in the South of France in a few weeks so I look forward to all the fine food



  15. Hi Sean! enjoy the south of France…we have lovely weather, so I hope it holds up for you and yes, your sister left a nice comment!


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