21 thoughts on “Around art

  1. How adorable🙂

    I love that. You are incredibly talented (bow)… Oh, that watermelon… Can you draw something really spicy ?


  2. Dear Ronell.

    These are really beautiful and make me feel incredibly homesick (I live in Australia now with my husband).

    Do you sell these by any chance?


  3. Can I purchase some of these pleaseeee.. it would look absolutely amazing in my kitchen.

    Marvelous work Ronnel!


  4. Can I purchase some of these pleaseeee.. it would look absolutely amazing in my kitchen.

    Marvelous work Ronnel! Simply stunning


  5. Hi Ronell

    Jou paintings is stunning en jou kos ;n inspirasie.
    Dankie vir ‘n nice lekkerkry website – het dit nou rêrig
    geniet. Gaan defnitief van jou resepte probeer.
    Lyk so lekker in die Winter met die sneeu.

    Uit sonnige Suid-Afrika


  6. Dankie Irma…vir die kuiertjie en die mooie kompliment…ek waardeeer dit baie! Ai, ek hoor julle het sulke lekker warm weer en as jy so praat van sonnige weer, dan verlang ek so! Ons het nog grys dae, hoewel die sonndarm al so scamper beginne loer… Maar ek sal vasby, ons sonnige dae is oppad. Geniet julle laaste stuk van somer en genie took die regmaak vir winter…kaggels, bredies, rooi wyne, sop… Groete

    Ronelle Africantapestry Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu


  7. Hi Julie It seems you didn’t receive my reply on your comment on Coin Perdu.I’m resending it here down below for you…hope you receive it. Regards

    Hi Julie! Thank you for your visit and the lovely comment you left! I apologize for responding so late..we just cam back from Oslo yesterday…I’m still in a wonderful Norwegian haze…SO beautiful and magical! Yes, my art is available. You can see my art on http://africantapestry.wordpress.com/.

    I rarely sell online, but I have on occasion sold some pieces and sent it off. So, on Africantapestry, some are sold, some still available. You can browse the site and if you see something you’re interested in, you can email me and I can give further info…

    Hope you have a great season wherever you are and I look forward to hear from you! Thanks again! Warmest Ronelle


  8. Hi Ronell, ek geniet jou blog so baie. Alles is ‘n inspirasie.

    Groete uit Stockholm,



  9. Hello, Ronelle…such a happy chance coming upon your blog ‘avec des art plusparfait’…please allow my rusty French!..I love things French…and also art and cooking. It is such an inspiration to see your beautiful fresh unique style. Thank you.. much regard…Judith


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