Here is where my art happens…at least most of the time. It is my little niche in the world, my refuge,  where I dream my dreams and where I try to paint them. Here I am surrounded by reality, as well as sentiment, tender reminders of my past and inspirations for the future. Here I hide from the world, but here I also take on the world.  My sketchwork is posted on Africantapestry. Welcome to my atelier.

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25 thoughts on “In my atelier

  1. Well i am so envious. This space of yours is beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing it.



  2. This looks sooooo wonderful! I liked your paintings of it from your other blog ….. but, I just had to come here to see the photos. hmmm…..Maybe I should get busy and paint my space….


  3. Ronell, I am so so sorry that we did not connect in Paris. Our return to Paris was shortend by a day (I goofed up the dates) so there just was not time to get together. I love your atelier, it is so beautiful and inviting. I would have enjoyed a day with you and Casey. Perhaps another time. Take care, Deborah


  4. Your atelier is an inspiring space. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  5. your studio looks beautiful. and you’ve take great pictures. now i will be able to picture you sitting at your desk and working or standing at the easel. thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks for sharing all of these… Your blog is very inspiring and sincere… Seeing these gave hope to me…


  7. Oh what a wonderful spot to dream your dreams and create your magic, it is so perfect, rustic and homey, I wish I could curl up on your sofa, share thoughts as you paint and we drink some tea! Hmmm, to dream.


  8. Hi Ronelle,
    I popped in to see your Atelier.
    At the moment I am looking for a studio workshop to paint in, so I needed some inspiration as to how storage etc should be.
    That looks perfect.
    Will see what I come up with. maybe the shop front I hope is still available will be my new place, and you can fly in for coffee.
    Hope you are feeling motivated again.


  9. I love your site!! I was sent to you by Gatsbys Gardens. She said I would love your site. So off I went to visit the French Kitchen……….You are wonderful! I love anything French even your snow! Traveled there many times and dream about living there in my next life!

    I am going to do your Root Vegetables for Christmas Eve! They look yummy! Also love the Chocolate Mousse idea as well. My son is a chef and I hate for him to always have to be in the kitchen……he will like the root vegetables….I have done them before, but not like yours. He studied in France and worked with Pascal Robert in Limoges at Amphitryon. He now has a cooking school and no longer has the restaurant. When we visited him, we also went to Paul Bocuse and he personally took our son through his kitchen. He spoke at our son’s graduation from the Culinary Institute in upstate New York. His son was also there. So already there was a little connection.

    Merry Christmas and blessings in the new year to you and your family. So happy to have met you!


  10. Happy Birthday Ronell – I can picture you in your atelier – my memories are still so clear of days doing “art” in Mount Louis.


  11. I have just found your site through ‘Faire-garden’.
    You are to be admired, a truly inspirational person….a stunning environment, a dream of a
    studio….congratulations I just love it all, plus the recipes, Thank you for sharing. Sandy

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  12. Dear Sandy

    Thank you for your very lovely comment..I feel very flattered, but also honoured that you find Myfrenchkitchen inspirational. Thank you, I am touched and truly appreciative! Warmest Ronelle


  13. Just dropping by after a long absence, as usual everything you put your hand and mind to, is truly impeccable, you enrich peoples lives with your diverse talents. Sandy.


  14. How lovely to see what all you do. Such a busy little bee and very creative. Thank you for sharing. ps groete van Kaapstad. x


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