We were in Singapore for a few days and with a food repertoire stretching from East to West, you could enjoy anything you desired. My prime choice of course was sushi! It was wonderful. I couldn’t get enough , but did put several other foods to the test, especially at the “hawkers stalls”, where you could choose to your heart’s delight between Malay and Indian, vietnamese and Indosian and Cambodian, thai and chinese…the list goes on…

…scattered sushi( chirashi sushi)..


  • There are many different types of sushi, of which the most known would be the rolled sushi. But if you shy away from making rolled sushi at home, becasue of the effort and time consuming aspect, (or you are too tired, like I am since being back!), try making the scattered sushi, which is quick and easy and just as tasty.
  • Use fillings and accompaniments that you have in the house…fresh vegetables, fruit…
  • Make that extra little effort to cut the vegetables into attractive shapes…it is what Japanese cooking is all about.
  • Keep the portions small and serve several small helpings of servings, like a broth, a fresh simple salad, and fresh fruit.
  • Keep attractive bowls and small dipping bowls in the kitchen, square plates, oblong plates and mix and match for an interesting table setting.
  • Serve extra soya sauce(shoyu) in an attractive  small teapot.



…Street scenes from chinatown…

…buddha temple in chinatown…

…Jamae mosque in chinatown…

…colonial civic district – firestation…

…the indian cricket club, the city hall and old supreme court…

..more of the civic district…

..chinese chamber of commerce,

…modern singapore …

…Kampong glam(malay district)

…Masjid sultan…

…colorful surfaces…

…behind the scenes…

…Architecture in Kampong glam…

…Little India…

…Street scene in little India…

…Architecture in little India…


**My Singapore sketches are on Africantapestry.

**All uncollaged photos of Singapore can be seen on Travels

à bientôt!


19 thoughts on “Sushi..and Singapore.

  1. Ronelle, how beautiful,I’ve tried sushi but it’s not my favorite. My son and daughter love it. Love your photos what a wonderful time you had. Look at my blog. I have given you the Stylish BLOGGER AWARD.. I enjoy your blog and getting to know you. love,Diana


  2. Thanks for the lovely clicks! Singapore is a great place to visit.

    A wonderful dish! So pretty.




  3. Hi Ronelle
    Your Sushi dish looks so fresh, healthy and colorful! I enjoyed your photos of Singapore, very interesting! I am glad you had a great time…
    Thanks for sharing all your photos.


  4. Just a few days away and all this? You didn’t miss an inch..I bet that camera and sketchbook worked..overtime..enjoyed overtime:0

    I love the way you SEE it ALL.

    I love sushi..well California rolls:) and love making it..I have never heard of making the rice with Kombu and will look one day for it..
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos..Perfect armchair travel..

    Did you do a bit of shopping?:)
    Welcome back..it must be springtime in Tours~


  5. Sounds fantastic, what an amazing bunch of photos of Singapore, too! I’ve always wanted to go there, it looks like so much fun, and SO many different food stands and ingredients to explore 🙂


  6. Bonjour Ronelle – you take the best foodie photos. Love the sushi and Love Singapore.
    I’ve often had a stopover there on the long haul from Australia to London – it’s a foodies heaven. xx


  7. Oh my, what wonderful photos of your trip and what happy, colorful scenes and architecture. What a beautiful bowl of sushi also.


  8. Thank you for sharing these absolutely breathtaking images, thereby convinced us all to get to Singapore as soon as possible! your sushi looks yum and gorgeous, and I am jealous of all that is going to be eating all your new Eastern inspired recipes and dishes this summer!
    big hugs
    Colx ~ Afrique du Sud


  9. oh! wonderful! I have to try and get to singapore one of these days. It is really not that far from me!!!


  10. The sites and sounds and aromas that come from your photos are breathtaking. I fell as if I had a mini guided tour. Definitely would love to see Singapore up close and personal. I love sushi – but have never made it – appreciate the tips.


  11. Hi dear Ronelle,

    This is all wonderful…I think I am on sensory overload after viewing these exciting photos of Singapore. I had no idea! It is truly lovely.

    Thanks so much and I have made your red lentil soup twice now.
    Love it.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  12. Hello,
    I go all around the world through the many blogs I visit.Loved seeing Singapore…also I enjoy your illustrations. I am trying to paint with watercolors and am especially interested in seeing people’s techniques.I love sushi.


  13. What great & lovely vibrant pictures of Singapore!

    I am not fond of sushi!! Thanks for sharing with us, Ronelle!


  14. enjoy your blog tremendously!!! But so much time between new updates


  15. thank you for all your lovely comments and your support.
    And yes, I apologize for my very slow posting, few and far in between! I will have to shape up, right!


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