To enjoy food, is to enjoy life. To enjoy cooking, is to give joy. Sharing my food with family, friend, and stranger, makes me complete.

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grissini au fleur de sel

apple turret with amaretto sauce large velouté de butternut 1 Beef tournedos with bone marrow topinambour et marron velouté 2 salmon terrine 2 Two salmon and avocado terrine litchi cups and foie gras bites Easy caramel squares vin chaud Madeleines red cabbage with plums and beetroot Goats cheese and caramelised apple salad chocolate mendiant tartlet Rustic pumpkin tart with goatsq cheese 2 dessert plate 1 frittata sucettes de tomate 3.NEF Cole(lieu noir) in crispy filo pastry 2.NEF oeufs mimosa revisités.NEF

baguette aux fruits rouges 4593x3264 grilled courgette bruschettas 2334x1955 croustillant de tomate et chevre 2861x2353 risotto aux asperges sauvages et sauge. 4471x3239-001 Asparagus and potato salad. 3255x2850 joghurt cake 3138x2639 3-tarte rustique aux nectarines 3802x3091 soupe à l'oignon 2 3482x3137 sablés au café 09-11-2013 15-46-038 rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 16-17-034 sablés écossais & bourdilots de pomme 17-10-2013 15-56-56 3461x2904 mendiants aux fleur de sel 15-10-2013 12-19-56 2801x2795 panfried quince 12-10-2013 12-30-28 3075x2625 apple salmoin amuse bouche 04-10-2013 12-50-19 2462x2106 tomate & 23-08-2013 20-16-19 2998x3165 Carpaccio de courgettes 12-08-2013 15-57-026 Summer peach soup 11-07-2013 19-36-49 3619x3208 Red pepper tart 03-07-2013 14-38-18 3613x3025 Nettle soup with petit pois pesto 05-06-2013 16-37-45 3420x2765 fraise farcvie 3 3847x3244

tarte aux noix 4374x3264Biscuit de Savoie 4339x3254salmon salad 3 2873x2471

Salmon tartare

Veloute de topinambours(Jerusalem arichokes)Ham springrollsTartelette fraiseStrawberry meringuesStrawberry tartletspicnichamperCourgette feta saladostrichcarrot-9-30-2008-12-49-49-pmAvocado salad with tomato sauce

chips2-9-28-2008-12-33-38-pmCitrus and carrot salad

cake1-10-2-2008-3-23-05-pm-10-2-2008-3-23-05-pmCocolate dessert

rotideporc3-9-28-2008-6-55-53-pmturkey escalopes with nectarine salsa

patatdouce1-10-22-2008-3-27-42-pm pinecarp1-10-17-2008-3-54-52-pm

painperdu-11-21-2008-3-31-48-pm quinoasalad-10-27-2008-6-37-29-pm

codmushrocranb-11-29-2008-1-27-48-pm cinnamondumpling-11-23-2008-8-48-13-pm1 cougettespinachsoup

sombrtomatoes-05-jan-08-6-00-09-pm.jpg dsc_0006-4.jpg

dsc_0041.jpg dsc_0023-4.jpg

butternut-soup-with-oange.jpg vegsoup1-14-dec-07-2-23-51-pm-14-dec-07-2-23-51-pm.jpg pea-soup.jpg

pie3-22-dec-07-7-47-45-pm.jpg pie2-22-dec-07-7-56-12-pm.jpg pie1-22-dec-07-8-01-31-pm.jpg

No fuss tuna salad

dsc_0009.JPG dsc_0030.jpg vegetablegratin2.jpg

coffeecookies-22-dec-07-4-29-44-pm.jpg hertzoggies-21-dec-07-7-16-18-pm.jpg lemonsquare1-18-dec-07-5-08-50-pm.jpg

09dec07-choc2.jpg dsc_0035-3.jpg dsc_0004.JPG

dsc_0015-2.jpg dsc_0146.jpg dsc_0036.JPG

quince-3.jpg quince-1.jpg dsc_0015.jpg

apricots-with-thyme.jpg dsc_0034-3.JPG dsc_0017-1.JPG

dscf0049.jpg 2004_0930image0016-1.jpg meolon-carapccio-with-goats-cheese.jpg


13 thoughts on “Around food

  1. I love you recipes, I have a French gift shop and Delicatessen in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ingrid – joys of live gave me your details, thanx for wonderful ideas.

    I visit France 2 times a year to buy gifts for my shop and
    I am totaly in love with France.



  2. Hi Magdaleen Baie dankie vir kuier en geselsie en mooie komplimente! Ek neem aan jy is eintlik maar Afrikaans soos ek…he he.. Ai, hoe gelukkig is jy nie…om in Sa te kan bly, maar te kan kuier hier in Frankryk ook…almal se droom! Het jy website vir jou winkel waar ek kan gaan loer? Geniet jou winkel en rondloop in Frankryk.. Groete

    Ronelle Africantapestry Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu


  3. Hello!

    I just wandered into your site for the first time from a link on Stampington & Co – WOW what a beautiful Blog you have. I really enjoyed the Singapore post as I was there in November. But my blog usually ends up being predominately food shots, as we love to taste the local cuisine!

    I plan to spend more time on your blog reading past posts (France is one of my favorite countries to visit!) and definitely will visit you in the future! Cheers from Brussels – Cathy


  4. This is one of the most lovely websites I have ever, ever visited. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to any updates, blog, replies, etc.
    Wishing yo the blessings of the day.


  5. Your blog is such a pleasure to visit, everytime I return. Such beautiful pictures! I don’t get to live in the French Countryside, but I’m grateful to you for helping me to imagine it from time to time. Many thanks!


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