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Like last year, it is time for a little December ambiance. On the 1st December, we dress up our tree and charm up some corners, put on music, light candles, drink wine and end the day with a special meal. It puts us in the mood for winter, brightens the grey days, stalks the blues, lifts the spirits, welcomes the rain and the frost and if we’re lucky, brings on some snow. Just as they do in the Northern countries, we burn tea lights every evening, light lanterns outside and finish the evenings with a hot chocolate by the fireplace. This year saw some cheating in decorating the tree, which had been a few days earlier…but that’s OK; it’s always good to break tradition a bit!

A traditional dessert of cinnamon dumplings, finishes off this 1st of December. May your December 2008 be as spirited and bright and gay as you want it to be.

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*Recipe adapted from “Huisgenoot wenresepte 2 “, written by Annette human and  originally entered by Mrs. C. Ligthelm of Pretoria, SA.





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10 thoughts on “December ambiance 2008 with cinnamon dumplings

  1. What beautiful pictures you have captured and set free for us to share!

    The dumpling sounds interesting, I will put this on my list to make…

    Saw you on Doggybloggy post…Hi!


  2. And here I sit in South Africa and when last did I make cinnamon dumplings! Ek kan net dink hoe mooi jou huis nou lyk! Cecily


  3. That is a wonderful tradition Ronelle and from what I can see..you home is beautiful with all the interesting little corners. I love Cinnamon Dumplings and it is worth a try…even here in summer after a long day at the beach!


  4. My goodness, Ronell, I’ve been feeling a bit like Scrooge, but your wonderful photos and words have lit a spark inside me. I’m hauling out some old favorite recipes and some other favorite things, making a tangled garland from ribbon scraps and lighting every candle in the living room. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  5. Souskluitjies!!!!!!

    Oh Ronell, how fabulous your house looks! I want to come and spend Christmas with you 🙂


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