I was in Helsinki for the past week. Arrived there while it was still snowing and I couldn’t have had a bigger gift! It was beautiful!

I can talk about Helsinki for a week and still more…suffice to say that I love the city and the people, their way of living, their love for their culture and traditions, including their food. They are creative, elegant, individual, all the while being gay in their welcoming. It was an enriching experience and one I hope to repeat.

I have enjoyed the most delicious meals, all fish and I felt great, even though they love their creams and butters and potatoes, but their portions are small, their food is extremely healthy and flavourful and a feast for the eye.


The first night I had cod with roasted sweet peppers on pureéd potatoes at The Fishmarket which was beyond wonderful. So back here at home, with my spirit still high up in the north with it’s snow and lights, I created the following: some cod again, with mushrooms and cranberries(wanted lingonberries, but I couldn’t find any).  The clean flavour of fresh cod, with the aroma of dill, the bite of finely chopped red onions and the tartness of the berries turned a simple meal into a a gastronomic experience. Typically Finnish.


…helsinki in the snow…helsinki2-11-24-2008-8-30-57-pm1

…lutheran cathedral on senate square…


…uspensky orthodox cathedral…helsinki6-11-26-2008-9-29-42-am

…winter wonderland on pohjoisesplanadi…helsinki3-11-24-2008-8-32-16-pm

…some colour on a grey sea…helsinki8-11-26-2008-1-31-02-pm

…in the distance…helsinki10-11-26-2008-1-31-56-pm

…in the icebar…helsinki9-11-26-2008-8-52-26-pm

17 thoughts on “Cod with mushrooms and lingonberries, a Finnish experience.

  1. What gorgeous pictures. I too am very attracted by Northern cultures — must be my Swedish origins. The fish dish looks really interesting.


  2. 30 minutes ago we braved the hot northerly and had lunch on the deck (your delicious sweet potato chips with sage) and I came back to the study to finish some work.
    And just look what I found! That Pohjoisesplanadi picture looks just like galloping reindeer. Perfect foil to a hot summer day.


  3. Finland is to me a dream destination…..I so want to go there! he way you describe the Finish and their food, is exactly that way I imagine it to be! The combination of your Finish meal looks so amazing! Thx for sharing the pictures with me!


  4. I love Fish! It’s so healthy! I try to cook Fish twice every week! Thanks for your recipe. 🙂


  5. I want to meet you in the Ice Bar, Ronell. Can that be arranged?!

    Beautiful photos – all that snow, how wonderful. And your Cod with Mushrooms and Cranberries looks so elegant! I wish I could get fresh Cranberries here – if you can, I don’t know why we can’t.


  6. Simply gorgeous. The colours are really beautiful. I haven’t head the pleasure of trying lignonberries but I hope to one day. The pairing with cod is very interesting.


  7. Beautiful pictures. And that cod looks so deliciuos and beautiful. Love those berries in it. It gives a realy festive look and taste too.


  8. That fish looks so scrummy! We’re big fish fans so I’ll definitely be trying this one

    While I remember…..cod is connected to water as is snow! 😉


  9. Finland sounds wonderful! And their tourism board should invite you to promote their food 🙂 Love the flavours you describe here – and it’s so pretty! Who would have thought to cook fish with berries??


  10. Foud Lingoberry perserves at IKEA! The jar says SYLT LINGON. Just had some for the first time and they sell it by the jar.


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