We are off to Coin Perdu in Correze for the rest of the summer. Packing the chickens in their “traveling castle”, the cats in their “coaches”, overloading our little blue Peugeot and we’ll be off with frequent stops to let the farm out the car for fresh air and let fresh air into the car!


  • There is no recipe for this salad. Anything from the garden and the vegetable basket and the fridge and pantry will make a salad as delicious.
  • I took a handful of  leaves from my herb garden ; rocket, basil, red and green sorrel, chives, and a mixture of salad leaves.Mix with  some cleaned and steamed green string beans, butter beans, petit pois, and shelled fava beans. Add quickly fried calamari or shrimp or any other white meat of your choice, make a vinaigrette and serve with a country bread.
  • Enjoy!

..a summer garden…

I’m saying goodbye to the wild of our Loire summer garden and when I see it again, it will have grown beyond wild…!

I can hear everything whisper the minute we leave: “Hey, they’re gone! We are free! We can grow and proliferate, have wild parties and sow our seeds freely! So come on! Let’s not waste any time!”

And the lavender will fall over from laughter, the weeds will do obscene pole dancing, the rocket will keep the whole herb garden hostage, the fennel will try and reach for the skies and when they realize that they are too old for such adventures, they will just  lie down in peaceful rest. The Virginia creeper will be unstoppable in their usual mischief escaping and going where they’re not allowed and the bay leaf will now make use of their freedom to block everyone who wants to pass them and of course the ivy are just so rebellious in their freedom! I think the only ones who will try and behave, might be the hydrangeas. They will try and set an example, show their true color and just bloom in being “keeper of order”. Unfortunately they will come up against strong armies, like the snails and slugs who will join forces  once they realize the enemy is unprotected! I can just hope that Captain Hedgehog will bring in his friends to come to the rescue. My only regret is that I have neglected the young boxwood hedges the past few weeks.  They didn’t receive my full span of attention like they’re used to and I just fear they might be a bit spiteful and teach me a lesson in some way or other. But I promised them they will be the first ones I pay attention to when I get back…I can only hope the promise will keep them happy?

Well, I am leaving in good faith that they will all live and play together in harmony. I want no fights and no complaints from the neighbors. Other than that, they deserve their time of freedom and fun and I wish my garden a wild and happy summer!

…tartelette and omelette in the wild rocket…

…untrimmed boxwood hedges and stalky fennel…

…a forest of green…

…lavender nodding and hydrangeas in charge…

…trespassing virginia creeper and dropping petals…

…ciao until soon!!…

29 thoughts on “Garden salad…and a wild summer garden

  1. What a delicious & refreshing salad! Enjoy your trip and hope you’re having a wonderful time.
    Blessings, Kristy


  2. Ronelle, the salad looks delicious and I love your watercolor paintings….you did such a beautiful job! I love the part of the adventures that might happen in your wild summer garden….and it is so good to see Tartelette and Omelette so happy and healthy! Enjoy Coin Perdu!


  3. Hi Ronelle,
    Have a wonderful time in the country. Looking forward to your posts from there. Your garden (in the city?) looks so beautiful and carefree – what happy furry and feathered friends you must have – who enjoy the privilege of living there AND travelling to Coin Perdu with you too!
    Have a great summer!
    Gillian XX


  4. I look forward to the photos and paintings that are in our future from Coin Perdu. I hope you get a shot of your car loaded with the chickens and cats. Enjoy your time there. I saw some beautiful shots on Ingrid’s blog…that must have been a lot of fun.


  5. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. The garden, the paintings… and mostly the sensibility that creates them.

    Enjoy your lovely Coin Perdu! I look forward to summer posts from there.


  6. Sounds like your garden is going to have a fantastic time in your absence! And, your chickens are beautiful as they check on the arugula. Delicious salad with calamari too.


  7. A lovely painterly tribute to your garden. May its tribe increase…Have a perfect trip to Coin Perdu and a wonderful summer there.


  8. Hopefully you gave permission to your neighbors to “help themselves” to the herbs in your absence. I so look forward to your posts..you are one talented lady. Enjoy your time at Coin Perdu…especially the evenings.


  9. tartelette and omelette !!!welcome!! all looks so lovingly familiar as it is still fresh in our thoughts every day, and now I feel a little sad since life goes on…new chicks on the block.
    lovely images, love how you made your garden “alive” with all the rules and what they are allowed and not…
    now if I was fairy…I would fly right over and watch over them for you! enjoy Coin Perdu… also still fresh in our thoughts. Love Colette x


  10. My dear peripatetic friend,

    HURRAH! I rolled around in your descriptions like a kitten in a bed of catnip. I laughed, smiled, nodded, and invited my husband in to read along with me.

    YOU MUST photograph the car filled with chickens etc. I love the image.

    Sending love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  11. Have a much deserved holiday at Coin Perdue, although I suspect you probably still have work to do, Either way enjoy the opportunity to draw new landscapes, cook a meal outdoors and live at a more relaxed pace,
    The salsd looks refreshing and tasty.


  12. I have an image in my mind of you flying off in the blue car with feathers and fur flying out the windows!!! What a site I have conjured up in my mind! It’s been so long since I’ve rambled through your pages….as you travel today I will be smiling and thinking of you. bisous, marta


  13. What a talented and creative woman you are!!! Images come alive and smells and textures and emotions vivid in ones mind.

    Enjoy your extended holiday somewhere else….

    Looking forward to experience your summer with you.

    Safe travels with all your companions 🙂


  14. Hey Ronelle, I was looking through this post and my Cauldron Boy leaned over and said ‘ooh’. He didn’t put that ‘la la’ on the end, but he’s not French. It means the same thing (smile), especially since he never looks at blog stuff. I think you just convinced him that we need to get chickens-maybe.
    Oh, and thanks for the answer on the rosemary! I am going to plant some and see what happens…


  15. My, what a bunch of mischievous plants you have. They will no doubt take over your home while you are gone. Fun-loving, appreciative post. Have a grand vacation!


  16. J’ai l’impression de lire un poème…et feuilleter un magazine avec ces magnifiques photos et peintures. En fait, ces salades impromptues faites avec les herbes et légumes du jardin sont vraiment les meilleures. Je vois aussi que les poules sont contentes et vraiment en bonne santé avec leurs belles plumes! C’est un paradis chez toi! Bonnes vacances!


  17. Now, this is a lovely sulmmer’s salad!! i also love your paintings!!

    The chickens look so lovely & beautiful too!

    A lovely written post!

    Kisses from Brussels!


  18. Hey Ronelle, I was just checking in on you to see if you posted (smile). Hope your’e not too busy. As some superhero said (can’t remember which one)-I will be back!!!


  19. I’m so pleased to have stumbled across your lovely site – and the recipe’s are the type of food that I love especially those individual tomato and cheese tartlettes- so simple to make but look gorgeous. I look forward to visiting often.


  20. Oh Ronell – you have a beautiful garden! No wonder your posts and watercolours are so beautiful if you are surrounded by so much inspiration 🙂 Love the names of your chickens and your description of the garden growing wild in your absence! Have a wonderful summer – really hope to be able to visit you at Coin Perdu one day 🙂 Geniet dit!


  21. Hi Ronelle, wonderful images and the salad is delightful! Safe travels!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena


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