This post was meant for the weekend on last Friday, but unfortunately I couldn’t get around to posting. Now I’m putting it up for this week…

Wishing you a good, productive and satisfying week…

Ce billet était fait pour le weekend dernier, mais ce n’était pas possible, alors maintenant…je vous souhaite une bonne semaine productive et satisfaisante…

…with some flowers somewhere in the house(une fleur ou deux dans la maison)…

…and a good movie fitted in somewhere(un bon film)…

…and don’t forget dessert(et surtout, n’oubliez pas le dessert)!..

…à la prochaine..


17 thoughts on “Ambiance 20/9

  1. Ronelle, what a beautiful photograph…! I love the pink color of the hydrangea with the sun streaming through the window….what a lovely way to start my week! Thanks Ixx


  2. Hi Ronelle…Just love the hydrangeas and that jug! Lovely way to start my week and I love the “new look” blog!


  3. Beautiful hydrangeas in the jug! And good movie… We watched “Tender Mercies” with Robert Duvall – loved it! And yes, I have Lindt 70% in the house. So we’re on the same page. 🙂


  4. Hey Ronelle, thanks! I hope you have a good week too. And, yeah, I’m going to relax tonight while soaking my feet and watching a funny movie (smile).
    p.s. I like your site’s new look. It’s different. Somehow, the page seems bigger and more inviting. It’s funny how colors and shapes can effect the feeling like that. I’m sure it will become more and more beautiful with your artistic touches too…


  5. Hydrangeas have been outstanding this summer as shown in your lovely photo. Happy Autumn, dear Ronelle 🙂


  6. Lovely photos! I have hydrangeas all over my house right now. They seemed to do so well in my garden this year and now I am enjoying them indoors.
    Have a beautiful week, Ronelle. Now off to grab a bit a chocolate~~


  7. C’est très beau ton new look:)

    I went for a walk the other day and bumped into aquaintances..actually we bought our land from them..I like them more than aquaintances..that’s such a funny word..but we only see each other walking..she had admired someone’s hydrangeas turning that best color..the know..

    I said I have some..come..we will make a bouquet for you to take home..Come anytime before the frost..Today I cut a big bouquet and took a nice stroll to their home and left it there..her husband was just coming out..I didn’t go in..just wanted to surprise her..

    I love them Ronelle and yours are gorgeous arranged like that..Must look for that movie..Just watched a different movie w/ G Dépardieu..Le Grand Restaurant I think..I really want to see his new movie w/ the 94 yr old actress:) It looks so touching..
    Je l’aime lui:)


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