After buying some local saffron…from here in Touraine, I had to make something fishy with a saffron sauce. I love saffron and with fish it is really special…in taste as well as in appearance.  Sometimes a white fish can look fairly …bland, but a sauce can lift it to a different level. I used skate wing in this recipe, a fish that I love for its delicate taste and ease with which you can enjoy it without fishing out bones in your mouth.

J’ai acheté un peu de safran de Touraine au marché bio à Tours.j’adore le safran au départ j’ai eu envie de préparer un poisson au safran. Parfois un poisson blanc semble très triste sur notre assiette et le gout n’est rien que fade. Une sauce au safran relève ce poisson banal à une expérience gastronomique, facile à manger, sans péniblement pêcher les arrêts dans sa bouche!

NB: It is a fish that is being overfished and quickly disappearing from certain waters. Measurements have now been put in place to control the fishing and protect the skate. Please make sure that you buy your skate from a reputable fishmonger. Definitely don’t buy it at the supermarket!

NB: Faites attention a ce poisson qui est en train de disparaître très vite, a cause de la pêche  négligente. Ne l’achetez surtout pas au supermarché, mais plutôt dans une poissonnerie réputable.

I served the skate wing with a spaghetti of courgette on the side, quickly plunged in boiling water and rinsed under cold water, dried and lightly seasoned.


  • This recipe can work well with any white fish. I used skate wing.
  • Serve on a big platter and serve individual portions from the wings by lifting small filets off the bone onto each plate.
  • The courgettes can be peeled into long ribbons, using a potato peeler if you don’t have the special spaghetti tool. Cut the ribbons into thin paghetti or leave as ribbons(tagliatelle).
  • Don’t boil the courgette spaghettie or else they will lose their color, break up and become mushy, without any crunch.
  • Dry the courgettes well after rinsing to prevent them from being soggy in the plate.


The organic market day in Tours took off early in the morning, with everybody setting up their stalls and readying themselves for a day of sunshine and hungry, eager visitors. Indeed a successful day for Touraine on the banks of the Loire.

Le bio marché  à Tours était une grande réussite. Chacun installé ses stands et se préparé pour une journée estivale,  remplie de visiteurs affamés. Encore un succès pour la Touraine aux bords de la Loire.

…je veille sur le parc…

…journée de la patrimoine et pont wilson…


…safran de touraine… marché bio…

…les rôtisseries…


…on achète, on goute, on mange, on s’amuse…


…les poissons de la loire…


…on mange pas sans du vin de la région…


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9 thoughts on “White fish with saffron sauce.. and a “bio marché” day in Tours.

  1. Ronelle, what a great post. I am so glad you are also writing in french as it quickly comes back to me but still a challenge to figure out some unfamiliar words. It is always much easier to read it than speak in another language.

    The market looks wonderful, something we are new to in the US. Actually, manytimes the markets we do have during the summer are called “French Markets.”



  2. I have never had skate and find it beautiful..Like a wing~ Your sauce looks delectable w/ the zucchini strips.. what a wonderful dish..and fun photos for me the armchair traveler..
    So nice of you to share..

    Et l’aquarelle..comme toujours..:)


  3. I think I cooked skate once and my family did not like it…to bland they said. With this divine sauce, maybe I must give it another shot. I got some saffrom from Morocco the other day!!!


  4. What a special tour – it’s mini vacation for me to visit this blog. Skate is hard to come by here – because it is not local – so with over-fishing that must be a good thing – that it is not travelling. I do love the flavorful sauce which would enhance all mild fish. And am having fun reaching into the back recesses of my mind to read the French.


  5. Hey Ronelle! I love saffron and seafood together too. There is something special about the combination-like lovers meant to be together (smile)! Ooh, and I haven’t had skate for a while, but I used to love it. Reminds me a bit of scallop in texture…
    p.s. You/your blog has reminded me to look up markets and such in the new area I’m moving to-going to ‘Google’ that now. Thanks…:)


  6. Dear Ronelle
    Saffron is one of my favorite ingredients although I only have a few recipes where saffron is used. I would love to try your recipe of “White fish with saffron sauce”…it looks delicious! What a lovely experience it must have been to go to the organic market in Tours…I can just imagine…..
    Ixx 🙂


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