When something is in abundance, we should make use of it…like the sorrel in my garden, which is growing profusely. Not to mention the rocket, which is close to taking over the garden. Combine the two in an early atumn soup, sprinkle with some pistachios and cut some baguette to accompany.


  • Spinach and basil leaves can be used instead of the sorrel and rocket.
  • The green peas are added for a green color…don’t boil the peas so they lose their green colour.
  • Potatoes can be added for a more consistent soup.
  • Be sure to sauté the sorrel beforehand in a bit of oil to prevent a sour taste to the soup.
  • Use a cuppaccino frother to make milk froth for a light version, or use whipped cream instead.
  • My way of making a creamy milk froth: Use cold, half fat milk. pour up to the marked level of the frother and froth until creamy. warm in the microvwave until the froth rises to the top. (Keep an eye on it, it haapens very quickly).Remove from the microwave and stir with a metal spoon until the mixture is nice and creamy.Spoon onto your soup(or coffee). The froth will hold its shap for quite a long time. For a cold soup, omit the heating.
  • This soup is delicious warm or cold.

…bon appetit!…


…while the soup is busy simmering… an update on the chicken chronicles...

I mentioned in a previous post: Asparagus with poppy vinaigrette and a confused chicken, that the one hen turned out to be a rooster, which forced me to give them to a friend living on a farm.  It broke my heart to see them go and I especially missed Petronella, the rooster terribly, with his wonderfully cockey attitude! But they are happy  where they are now and Petronella can crow to “his” heart’s delight without worrying about neighbours. Here they can be seen as cute tiny chicks…A simple salad and special corners.

After a while I got two new chickens…Tartelette and Omelette.  Two Pekin bantam little chickens in the colour of Touraine…a soft grey, called “porcelaine“. They soon filled the sad corners of my heart…isn’t it amazing how much love we have to give? They are two adorable little featherfooted friends and I couldn’t ask for better chatterboxes to bring fun and laughter to my days!

Early mornings begin with joghurt. Healthy chicken food the rest of the day and a gouter(snack) late afternoon is  their favorite joghurt again, some grated coconut and a few shreds of salami…yeah yeah…I know… chickens know nothing about joghurt and coconut…, but then I also think these  two chickens don’t know they are chickens!

Where Tokala and Ayiani(my two beautifully chic cats)ignore me for the better half of the day to live their royal life, Tartelette and Omelette are just too eager to follow in my every  fresh footstep, to entertain and be entertained all the way. They fiddle around under my easel in my atelier during the day, groom and massage their feathers by my feet  and slip into the kitchen when I’m not looking to nestle in “their” corner for a nap, while looking at me with flirty eyes and charmingly tilted heads, begging to be allowed to stay…now tell me…how can I refuse such seduction?

…à la prochaine!


24 thoughts on “Sorrel and rocket cappuccino..and the chicken chronicles II.

  1. Ai tog Ronelle,……hier is ek nou alweer eerste om kommentaar te lewer! Hoe kan ek dan nou nie vandag weer-eens verlang na my kuier by jou en die Franse platteland nie? Ek mis daai twee hennetjies van jou vreeslik baie….hulle floreer en het so goed aangepas…hoe dan nou as n mens so bederf word! Daai sop lyk ook heerlik en die foto is absoluut ‘fabulous’ met die kontras van die geel blommetjie en rooi blom op die tafeldoek!
    Ixx 🙂


  2. Stunning little soup starters.. I had to laugh at the chickens eating salami!!! Precious Ronelle!!


  3. Beautiful! That capuccino is so prettily presented and must have a refined flavor! I love your hen pictures.




  4. I love your pretty chooks and they have such spendid names ~ Tartelette and Omelette just gorgeous and dear Petronella now moved onto more salubrious climes!! I;m sure you miss him.


  5. What fabulous photography!!! This post really makes me want to get some chickens – and those names! I love them ~ Tartelette and Omelette. You will have to help me think of some clever names for mine. 🙂

    …and I must try this recipe as well.

    I always love visting you, Ronelle! You never fail to inspire me.



  6. Boy did we eta soups this year..I just love them..never had one w/ Sorrel and Arugula..Thank you..How cute are les poules? Chanceuse!!!
    Tout est très beau..comme toujours..j’adore mes balades chez toi~


  7. I just love the picture of the 2 gals with their backsides pointing up. What a view. Would love to get chooks myself but our property is to small. Rocket is one of my favourite herbs. Lovely pics Ronelle


  8. Beautiful poulets…my family used to raise chickens by the 100’s when I was a kid. Now I wish I had just a few to befriend and enjoy.

    “Bottoms Up” photo made me chuckle.


  9. Hi Ronelle, that is too cute that Tartelette and Omelette follow you around while you’re working or painting. I’m moving to a new place where I can have my own garden rather than living vicariously through my mother’s garden that I planted for her (smile). Once I get to know the owner, I might ask him if I can have a couple of hens…
    Oh, and that soup sounds so healthful and delicious too. I’m sending the link to my Mom, as I planted rocket for her about 4 weeks ago;)
    XO, Stella


  10. Gorgeous! I love the soup and the chickens! I have severe envy of anyone who has chooks (as we call them in Australia), as I always kept half a dozen as the family was growing up.


  11. My arugula is gone…and now you have me lusting after the soup and wishing it was back. I think your chickens eat better than I do. But they’re so winsome it doesn’t matter.


  12. Your soup looks amazing. I love the cappuccino froth on top! And, your chickens are gorgeous. I’d love to have a couple chickens napping in the corner of my kitchen.


  13. That sounds so delicious, and your garden is amazing! Growing your own sorrel must make it taste even more fantastic 🙂


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