So we have arrived at  October for 2010….and of course…weekend! I will continue working in my garden, preparing it for autumn, cleaning and changing, planting some bulbs… What ware your plans for this first weekend of the beautiful month of October?

Voila. On est arrivé en Octobre 2010. Et en plus…le weekend! Je continuerai à travailler dans mon jardin. L’automne demande la plantation des bulbes, le nettoyage, le bouturage et la préparation pour le printemps. Qu’est ce que vous prévoyez vous pour ce merveilleux weekend d’Octobre?

…cloches in an autumn garden…

And any suggestions for a good movie for the weekend? How about some suspense this time…Johnny Depp in Secret window..

Quelques propositions pour un bon film? Peut être un film suspense…Johnny Depp dans Fenêtre secrète

…Secret window…

…bon weekend!..


13 thoughts on “Ambiance 1/10

  1. Hi Ronelle, I am going to renovate a few areas of the garden. My bulbs arrived yesterday and from the size of the box it looks like a daunting task. They look so pretty in the catalogs, I don’t often think of the work it is planting them.



  2. Hoping to put some of the gardens to bed here..I did some bulbs last week..Because I love it when they pop up in the Spring like gifts!Tes cloches sont charmantes..C’est toi!!

    Saw that movie..I love JD..We watched Extreme Measures with HFord las weekend and liked it a lot..

    It’s been pouring here.. hopefully some blue skies and workable gardens this weekend.

    Bon Weekend..x


  3. hi Ronelle, I loved Secret Garden with Johnny Depp. Sounds like you have a wonderful relaxing weekend coming. We have had lots of rain which we needed desperately. Still rainy but that is fine. Having leftover chili for supper.. with a simple salad..I had planned to clean today but framed instead. I don’t like framing!!! haha.. but that part is done so that is good. enjoy, love your beautiful blog, Diana


  4. oh one day I will have some cloches..real old one’s…I probably will have to wear it as a hat to get it back home from France..enjoy your weekend xo Colette


  5. Just checked out my herb garden – it’s out of hand grown up – need to weed and organize. Not much left but some basil – horrible heat this past summer in Texas fried most.

    Love the cloche and have a few but they are too expensive to buy.


  6. Hi all…
    *Yes Eileen, bulb planting is a daunting task, fortunately come spring, we forget all about the hard work!

    *I haven’t seen Extreme measure with H ford yet..will look out for it…and you too..enjoy working in the garden.

    *Good luck with all the framing Diana…like bulbs, framing is a daunting task too!

    *Yes, Diane…the cloches are old and very dear to me..I’m still on the lookout for them, but the old ones are scarse AND expensive, just as Judy said in her comment…You’re lucky to have some basil left Judy..I have none!
    bon weekend!
    R xx


  7. Ronelle, I continue to enjoy your lovely and interesting blog. Fall is my favorite time of year. This weekend I went to an exhibit of glass pumpkins and took pictures. I finally updated my blog so do check them out!


  8. I have missed, missed, missed you Ronelle. I am back from Britain and will sit and sift through entries.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  9. Ciao Cara Ronelle………oh, please excuse me first; usually I do respond very quickly on my blog’s reader kind comments; though live was sooo busy..!

    I took a loong “walk” through your magnificient blog; how inspiring, joyful and interesting; wonderful photography and excuisite themes and subjects!!
    I LOVED to look at your “coin perdu”; your fabulous adventure dans la campagne…je l’adore..!!

    What an interesting, fascinating blog..!!

    Thank You so much for stepping in my Tuscany; I loved your kind visit!!!

    oh…in the garden in October: I start preparing the trees for the olive harvest….!!!!

    ciao ciao Ronelle


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