Isn’t a Friday morning just the greates part of the week? That waking up, knowing that in a few hours it will be…weekend! I have my biggest spurt of energy on a Friday morning when I wake up and realize it is Friday morning. So, what shall we do this weekend?

Vous ne trouvez pas le Vendredi matin formidable? A peine réveillée, je pressenti déjà le bonheur de weekend et je saute de mon lit pleine d’énergie. Alors,qu’este ce q’on va faire ce merveilleux weekend d’Octobre?

…how about going shopping for some plaides for the coming winter(quelques plaids pour rechauffer l’hiver) …


A kneeblanket/car wrap/plaide is one of those weekend delights. Whatever the season, cuddling up under something thrown over the knees, makes life feel good….on the sofa in front of the fireplace with a book, outside sleeping under a tree, breezing in a hammock, chatting by a BBQ fire, on a bench by the sea…so what are we waiting for?

Un plaid est un des petits plaisirs d’un weekend. Peu importe la saison, c’est toujours agréable de s’installer au canapé avec un livre et un plaid doux. C’est parfait pour les soirées autour de la cheminée, a l’extérieur autour d’un barbecue, sur un banc a la mer… assez motivation de s’en va trouver plusieurs pour nous et nos invités. Allons y~!

I got some nice plaides in shades of greys and whites at Ikea for only 6 euros. Given, they aren’t 100 percent wool, but they are soft and cozy and wash quick and easy.

J’ai eu de la chance de trouver des plaids très mignons, dans les tons de gris et blancs, à bons prix à Ikea…6 euros, pas mal non? Même si ils sont pas faites de la laine pur, ils sont doux et faciles à laver.

…or some colorful plaides for the summer evenings on the patio?(les colorés pour les soirées estivales?)…


And of course, if you enjoy a good film like I do…the weekend is just made for a movie…like one of my favorite films. “Dialoque avec mon jardinier. I don’t know whether it is available in English translation, but it is a beautiful movie and just the scenery and ambiance and acting will be enough to enjoy.

Et encore, un film pour un weekend…si, comme moi, vous aimez un bon film ! Un de mes favoris est “Dialogue avec mon jardinier”.

…dialogue avec mon jardinier…

…passez un bon weekend!…


12 thoughts on “Ambiance 24/9

  1. Ronelle, I’m on my way to a shopping trip now- I’ll look for some new fall plaides. I love your new design! I always enjoy stopping by here and today seems particularly pleasant in your world. And although I haven’t heard of this movie, we are lucky in our small town to get a lot of subtitled French films. In fact, we just had a French film festival!


  2. I’m also looking forward to the weekend although the weather is not very promising! That post is lovely…




  3. You won’t believe this I have 4 of those white Ikea throws..They cover my tattered sunroom loveseats..the seats.. I have 2 in reserve..the boys spill their chocolate milk etc on them..they are great..I did recently buy a lambswool thicker one for me..

    Now all I need is that movie..

    Full of energy? Not yet..but I will be making a pepper jelly..doing a few loads of laundry and visiting the progress of my daughter’s home renos.

    It’s so comfy here Ronelle.Have a great weekend.x


  4. Dear Ronelle

    I woke up this morning and told Arno that I like every day of the week but I have to tell him that I am glad that it is Friday today!….He-he…!
    I am going to the store in an hour and will look and touch some and look for a plaide…yes, it is comfy…..and of course I will look for a good movie too!
    Ixx 🙂


  5. Bonjour Ronelle ~ I love this post and it makes me thankful for my very favourite rug ~ soft shell pink and oh! so cuddly ~ I have never heard of the expression ‘plaide’ but I like it a lot.
    The film “Conversations with my Gardener” was shown at our local cinema recently and I really enjoyed it.
    Have a lovely week-end.


  6. Love the throws and idea of enjoying some movie time..enjoy your weekend! xo Colette
    ps…miss your delicious take on some inspiring recipes with the beautiful sketches…please don’t leave them out completely?


  7. I so love a moment to stop by and peak into your wonderful/creative life, Ronelle. Happy autumn, fun sharing friend 🙂


  8. The eves are chilly. The throws are over every piece of furniture in the house. The family and animals can cuddle at will! Your peek into the your weekend is warm and cozy. I can happily watch a French film without understanding 90% of it. The beauty of the language sings in my head.


  9. Lovely post Ronelle but this side of the world we are soooo ready for Summer. The azaleas are in full bloom and the summer goodies are all coming out from the closets. My season for creativity. Trust your week end was exactly as you planned. Love from ‘down under’


  10. Hey Ronelle, you are my kind of gal for sure (smile). I love Friday morning too just for the reasons you listed. It’s so nice to look forward to a weekend of snuggling with a blanket and watching good movies. Nice…!


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