Vegetables are part of our every day healthy diet, right? Five portions of different fruit and veggies every day. Yes, that is what we are advised here in France. I try my best to adhere to any case, we love fruit and we love our vegetables. On the menu here are thus some carrots of all colours served with Greek yoghurt and a sauce flavoured with orange flower water.

rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 16-17-034

rainbow carrots recette

rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 12-24-13 3963x3234

Pincée de fleur de sel:

  • Serve the carrots warm in fall and winter as a starter on individaul plates.
  • Serve cold with salad leaves in summer.
  • The sauce can be kept in the fridge for about two weeks.
  • Add orange juice to the sauce with the vinegar and reduce to a syrup.
  • Use an orange flower honey if possible, but otherwise a wildflower honey can work too.

rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 12-28-13 3156x2528

..parsnips can serve as “white carrots”..

rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 12-33-19 3111x2249

..when using young and organic carrots, it isn’t necessary to peel, only wash and use..

rainbow carrots 28-10-2013 12-37-27 3918x3016

*recipe adapted from “Les légumes de Monsieur Wilkinson; Matt Wilkinson.

Like the carrots, my chickens are rainbow coloured too. And I adore them, no doubt about that. Every day is a story that unfolds before me from the morning to the evenings when silence dawns finally on the chicken coop.

..keeping an eye on the cooking in the barn kitchen…

summer 2013 25-08-2013 18-41-23 3421x3218

..aren’t I pretty with all my colours..?


..I am the epitome of elegance, in case you haven’t noticed..

chickens porcelaine looks interesting from up here..

one cray chicken 06-06-2013 09-18-46 4522x3198

..Where are those hens again..!

chickens porcelaine 04-01-2013 15-23-39 3273x2853

..Don’t mess with our corner..!


à la prochaine fois


7 thoughts on “Rainbow carrots with orange flower honey sauce..and rainbow chickens.

  1. like sitting down to a treasured magazine..but better.
    I loved the carrots..their painting thereof..and then saw the barn kitchen guest:-)
    Gorgeous animals to me.
    And even your peeler is timeless.
    So much earthy charm here.
    J’aime tout..pour toujours.


  2. They are picture perfect!Your HENS and rooster?They are Bantam I think……..I had a Bantam rooster when I was a child….we called him BURTROM.
    I have Hens now and a regal MISTER GREY……but unfortunately ours cannot roam free anymore……… I donot get the inter- action I once did.Yes, Cooking was always an interest in our house too and the middle of my bed!Speedy, my sons rooster would snuggle down in the middle of the down comforter and call his GIRLS……..!!He was no fool!He knew this was a cozy spot!
    Carrots look delicious…….hard to find colored carrots here but I would love to try your recipe!


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