Since childhood I have loved my mother’s coffee cookies. We always baked them for Christmas. These little sablés are good too and much less work than the real old coffee cookie Maman used to make. And..they come with a Parisian flavour! What could be better? Come Noël, we will revert back to Maman’s old fashioned Christmas coffee cookie.

sablés au café 09-11-2013 15-46-038

La recette:

petits sablés de Paris recette-001Pincée de fleur de sel:

  • Keep some sablés single, without being sandwiched together. They will be crispier and perfect for dipping into some coffee or tea.
  • Replace the ground almonds with plain flour if you so prefer.
  • Instead of the TBSP of strong coffee, add a TBSP of instant coffee powder if you have it available.
  • Replace the coffee in the icing sugar with some milk and flavour with vanilla essence for a contrast in flavours, or add cacao to taste for a mocca cookie.
  • The icing sugar can be added to a cookie simply with a knife but a piping bag makes for a neat filling.

sablés au café 4 09-11-2013 13-32-056

The dough on the pastry mat. Be sure to always work with flour under your pastry to prevent sticking.

sablés au café 3 09-11-2013 13-46-059

Using a piping bag makes for neat cookies, but still with a home made feel..and of course taste!

sablés au café 2 09-11-2013 15-22-051

Une Parisienne

la parisienne  29-10-2010 12-23-55 1502x2148My Parisian umbrella always goes with me to Paris. A little bit of a cliché it is, but I love it. It depicts a typical Parisian street scene in winter(of course). a year or so back, I had my beautiful friend pose for me with the umbrella. She is the epitome of Parisian elegance, even though she doesn’t live there anymore.

la parisienne 2 29-10-2010 12-24-08 1621x2173

So, with these petits sablés and une ravissante Parisienne, peeking from behind her umbrella, I hope I could give you just  a little taste of Paris for today.

..à la prochaine fois..


7 thoughts on “Paris coffee-sandcookies( petits sablés de Paris au café)

  1. J’adore le parapluie:-) ..
    And I am happy to report I have similar stamps..
    And your pretty painting is edible too:-) I will try your recipe:-)
    I cannot wait:-)


  2. Que j’ai hâte d’aller à Paris. J’y vais en février avec mon fils. C’est ou que tu trouves les petits moules pour découper les biscuits. C’est super beau.


  3. Oh my gosh!I bought an umbrella in Paris last month and then proceeded to lose it the same day!I think it was very similar to yours!Now I have to go look as we did get one photo with me and the umbrella!
    Your cookies look delicious……..DELICIOUS!ESpecially to this gluten free GAL!


  4. Have just bought a stamp in the UK and now here is a lovely recipe to try it out on. Would love one like yours with the pictures of Paris. Where did you find it? Expect I need a trip to France to buy some!
    Best wishes


  5. Hi everybody§
    Thank you, Merci!

    The sites I used to get the stamps areFrench sites, but I am sute if you just google “cookie stamps” you will get to so many more cute shapres and forms etc.
    I used:
    1. –

    2. Cuistot –

    Hope it helps!


  6. Thank you Ronelle.
    I did just that after I added my comment. I found the very same stamps on and then pasted the same French title into
    Hope this helps other people.
    They come with a book of recipes which is in French but I am sure I will be able to cope with that. Looking forward to them arriving and hope my finished sables look as good as yours!
    Best wishes


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