Fennel salad

The long winter days tend to bring along a fatigue and lethargy. With the first breakthroughs of sun and blue skies, we can feel the energy surging up with a desire for bare arms and healthy toned bodies and a hint of sun kissed skin. A big kick start to get those desires fulfilled is moving towards fresh salads with some proteien on the side. And after finishing a crisp salad, why not take out those walking shoes for a brisk walk or dust that bicycle for a pedal to the garden centre and stock up on fresh herbs that can be planted from now on.

Fennel is loaded with vitamin c and and phytonutrients, rich in minerals and a perfect food to drive away winter fatigue. Marinate it for a while in a piquante vinaigrette, serve with a tinge of sweetness like pears and a good matured cheddar cheese, or even a blue cheese of your choice. It marries well with fish and chicken.

To good health!!

…fennel and pear  salad…



…fighting fatigue…


Avocado salad and tomato sauce.

A very old salad. Now with maybe a face lift in the shape of a tomato vinaigrette. This was a favourite little salad in our home right after my marriage. And at that stage and age it was delicious with a liberal drizzling of tomato sauce, better known as ketchup, bought straight from the supermarket shelf,  instead of a fancy vinaigrette. I don’t like tomato in a green salad, the two don’t marry well for me. But this is an exception. Maybe because it isn’t really a green salad. Or maybe it is the way it is served. Or maybe I’m only fooled by the play on words. That is what we do nowadays. A salad in the seventies would mean chopped tomatoes and green leaves with onion rings and  a dressing of vinegar and sugar.  Now we are still  not french and call our dressings vinaigrettes. Now we eat an “avocado salad with bacon topping”, Or “tomato salad with a drizzling of lemon juice”. A “green salad with roasted almonds”, “mesclun with truffle shavings”. So, do we still eat ketchup on our avocado salad…of course we do…in the secrecy of our kitchen!



A tip to try: Never put tomatoes in the fridge, even in summer. Keep them in a cool place. The cold kills all flavour. To revive some of its flavour, leave for a few minutes in water…like salad, like carrots, like all vegetables in fact.

…old things become new…