Festival de la tomate 2009

September is the peak of the tomato season  in Europe. At the chateau de la Bourdaisiere, where le festival de la tomate is held every year,  tomatoes are found that is hardly ever seen on the street  with names as cute and funny  and original as you can get them; bloody  butcher, daxacan jewel, burrackers’ favorite, little monk, black zebra, black prince, banana legs….

…chateau de la bourdaisiére à Montlouis sur Loire…

fete de tomate 22

This sunny weekend in September had everybody out and about, dogs with their owners, mothers with daughters, grandparents, babies, toddlers, fathers carrying tired litle feet on their necks, tired pets carried in backpacks, photographers, writers, dreamers, painters. Le festival de tomate is an occasion to revel in the colours of the September garden. Having just entered la rentreé, where everybody is back to school and work, la festival de tomate provided that last occasion for us to soak up the warmth of the mellow September sun.  A last outing before we  slowly but surely creep into winter disguise and start our hybernation cycle with our red wines in front of the fireplace.

…walking – but not in the beds, please!…

fete de tomate 9 fete de tomate 30

…children, dogs..backpacks,  sunglasses

fete de tomate 8 fete de tomate 1 9-13-2009 10-53-40 AMfete de tomate 12

fete de tomate 17 fete de tomate 18 fete de tomate 19

The  late summer colours of the September garden, already whisper of autumn with reds and yellows, dark purples, greens and oranges, burgundies. The herb gardens are full, the basils are setting seeds, the fennels are standing high and whispy.  Pumkins abound in their plump autumn attires and burgundy cock’s combs take the lead to yet another bed, another colour, another discovery, another feast for the eye. Lavenders still stand high and full  with flavours whifting through the air.

…reds, oranges, purple, green, yellows…

fete de tomate 25 fete de tomate 24 9-13-2009 12-23-49 PM

fete de tomate 28fete de tomate 7

fete de tomate 2 fete de tomate 3 fete de tomate 6

fete de tomate 34

fete de tomate 13 9-13-2009 11-17-37 AMfete de tomate 16 fete de tomate 15

No festival can be really successful without eat and drink, with Le festival de tomate no exsception. From traditionally baked breads to confitures,  to jus de tomates, freshly squeezed, to small tomato appetizers, a variety of fleur de sels, to contemporary creations from l’ecole de la cuisine and last but not least in the eyes of la population Francaise – lunch at set tables under la grande tente marquise – booking essential!

la dégustation

fete de tomate 31 fete de tomate 23 fete de tomate 29

fete de tomate 32 fete de tomate 21

Even when experiencing this year after year, it is always fun. Maybe because it is tradition. Maybe because of the ambiance. Maybe because everybody does it. Maybe because we meet friends there. Maybe because the days are so beautiful. Maybe because…well, maybe just because.

… à l’année prochaine!…

fete de tomate 26