Karin’s summer salad 

I have had this salad in my repertoire for many summers. Some years it has been a regular item on the menu, other years it is forgotten. I suppose it is closely connected to my mood. When I miss my friends and family in SA, it makes its appearance on the menu. This summer has seen it featuring as a lunch at our home many times. And then I think of Karin and remember those wonderful summers, years ago when our children were splashing in her pool and we would indulge in this salad. It brings the sun, as well as my friends and family, to me here in Europe, especially this year, since we’re trying our best to grab a hold on summer. Karin in turn, got this recipe from a friend, who got it from a friend, so maybe it is more appropriate to call it something like ..The friendship salad. I don’t know the real name, if ever it had a real name. To me it will always be…

Karin’s summer salad


 I don’t have any quantities, just go with your instinct, because nothing goes to waste; whatever is left over, can go right back into the fridge or eaten right there while you’re preparing.

Some fresh salad leaves of your choice – butter lettuce, rocket, curly endive, romaine, lollo…

  • A cucumber, seeded and cut into cubes
  • Some Granny Smith apples, cored, cut into cubes and drizzled with lemon juice
  • A bag of frozen petit pois, left at room temperature to defrost
  • A good quality bought or homemade mayonnaise
  • Kraft miracle whip
  • Lemon pepper
  • A well aged Cheddar cheese, coarsely grated
  • Smoked bacon pieces, sauteed until crispy
  1. In a glass salad bowl, layer the salad by starting with a layer of torn salad leaves at the bottom.
  2. Follow up with the cucumber cubes, then the apple cubes, a thick layer of petit pois.
  3. Mix the mayonnaise and Kraft salad dressing to taste and add a well coated layer on top of the petit pois.
  4. Cover with the grated cheese and end with a sprinkling of crispy bacon pieces and lemon pepper.

You can use a big glass bowl or as in the photo above, individual glass bowls.


Another option is to serve it as an amuse bouche, using a serving ring (about 9cm) to assemble it.(Picure below). It can be done ahead of time and be served, ready on the plates, covered with a cloche, when your guests arrive for lunch.


–>Hi RonellAaaah, I’d know that salad anywhere… it’s a good old South African standby called “seven layer salad”! Every family has their own recipe and my layers have sometimes swelled to 10 or more, but the Miracle Whip, peas, bacon and cheese are constants. Nice to know it’s being made just across the channel from us 😉

Posté par Jeanne, 18-07-2007 à 14:52


Looks FABULOUS!!! When can I come over???

Posté par lin, 18-07-2007 à 19:40

–>Thanks Jeanne, Lin!

Posté par Ronell, 23-07-2007 à 12:36

–>I remember that salad… we haven’t had that one for ages Mum!!!! Pity I just had lunch, or I would definately be having that!!!!

Posté par Marinell, 23-07-2007 à 15:18

–>Salut Marinell…if you weren’t such a jetsetter, you could’ve had a taste of it here at home..hiehie!

Posté par Ronell, 24-07-2007 à 01:27

–>Alles lyk heerlik en die foto’s is pragtig. Wens ek was daar.

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  1. I was quite surprised to so that one come back onto the kitchen, brought up many sweet memories


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