I was tagged by Jeanne, from Cook Sister for a meme.

I always find it so hard to do a meme, trying to find some interesting things to say about myself. Fact is, what I may think interesting, is so ordinary and downright boring to someone else.

I find this one an easier meme to do. Simply answering some questions. And it doesn’t even have to be exciting or interesting.

 Ten years ago I was still living in Suffolk, England, after relocating there from SA, following my husband’s career. An interesting time, difficult, testing, scary, lonely and exhilarating all at the same time.


I enjoy snacking on a tomato sandwich, salty crisps, all fruit, ice cream and the BIG one…chocolate!


  • Songs I can join in singing are Moonshadow from Cat Stevens; Woman in love from barbara Streisand; Ship to shore from Chris de burgh; and I got a girl from Lou Bega.
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  • If I were a millionaire, I would have had no clue as to how to handle it; I would have had my own jet and pilot; I would have had a house in every hemisphere, wherever the sun was; I would’ve never run out of chocolate; I would’ve seen to it that watermelon would always be in season.
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  • Five of my long list of bad habits are being impulsive to the point of selfdestruction; seeing the cup half empty, letting emotions dictate my life; overdramatizing; procrastinating.
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  • I like to sit in a streetcafe, sip a coffee and watch people go by; to make up stories about the people going by; to run around like a mad thing on the tennis court; to laugh out loud; and to smell perfumes in the perfumerie.
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  • I would never again wear high heels; eyeshadow; nylon blouses; red nail polish or dresses with the zip at the back( in reality much less romantic than in a movie).
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  • I enjoy playing with pretty tableware; complicated puzzles with many pieces; my art brush; words and my ever present camera.
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    I have to find 5 other people to tag, which is proving to be difficult, since I’m still very much the “new kid on the block”…I hope to have some names soon…

    If you read here and haven’t been tagged before or would like to be tagged or even know of someone I could tag, please help me out, I’d appreciate it!

    3 thoughts on “Being tagged

    1. Oh Ronell – answers AND pictures! I am deeply impressed. Just fab. Great answers too. You reminded me how much I love Chris de Burgh (no, not the overplayed Lady in Red but stuff like Crying & Laughing; Say Goodbye to it All; and Where Peaceful Waters Flow).

      And I must agree – what I consider “heels” these days are what most people would deem sensible flat shoes!

      Thanks so much for playing along – it’s been great getting to know you a little better 🙂


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