In summer, we daily see a small promise of smoke appearing over a rooftop in the area, evidence of a barbecue taking off, with whiffs of onion and chicken, beef and brochettes teasing our senses. As if receiving a signal, we all run to our barbecues and soon the smoke is trailing all over the rooftops.

In the cold of winter, there is a different trail of smoke coming from snug fireplaces. Except over our rooftop. We are practically enveloped in smoke clouds…from our chimneys as well as our barbecue. We are alone outside, dressed in snow gear, cold, but firm in tantalizing with our canard a l’orange in the “fired oven”, côte de boeuf  over coals with a mustard butter, chicken tagine, lamb curry, and yes, even vegetables en cocotte. We snuggle up to the flames, drink red wine to warm our bodies and we delight in the warmth of the moment.

3 thoughts on “Vegetables “en cocotte”.

  1. ai foei Hartman! …maar sonder dat hy hoef om te kyk sien ek in sy staan hoe hy die braai geniet! waar het julle volstruis gekry! klink heerlik.


  2. LOL – your husband and my husband would get on very well – Nick is another all-weather braaier and nothing would put him off. Love the idea of doing the veggies en cocotte in a potjie! We often do garlicky vegetable parcels in foil in the braai grid which is also delicious.


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