We can choose to do it hard and time consuming over Christmas time, or quick and easy. I choose easy. And of course without sacrificing flavour.  These squares have it all. Coming from a very good friend of my mother, many many years ago, they taste like friendship and memories.



…winter beauty…


An entry for Susan at Foodblogga’s christmas cookies round 2.

8 thoughts on “Date and coconut squares

  1. Gorgeous Ronell. The winter pictures are also very beautiful. I wish you a happy and safe holiday season!


  2. Ronell, I’m a big fan of treats with natural sweeteners and these are now included in that roster.

    I’m also smitten with your recipe cards…that’s attention to detail.


  3. You know, I’m sure my mom used to make these… Beautiful pics as always. How come Europe gets frosty and beautiful and London just gets grey and eye-wateringly cold?! No fair!


  4. I visit your website regularly and have cooked some of your recipes, liking the results very much. At our next cooking-club event on December 12th, we’d like to make your very appetizing cookies. Could you please indicate the weight per package of the butter biscuits (petit-beurres, n’est-ce pas?), so we don’t spoil the recipe. In Switzerland les Petit-Beurres come in different package-sizes… Thanks a lot.


  5. Eva, I’m answering here as well just in case the email I sent you doesn’t get to you – I will check the weight per package of the petit beurrres tomorrow and send it to you.
    Thanks for the following and trying the recipes!


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