Date and coconut squares

We can choose to do it hard and time consuming over Christmas time, or quick and easy. I choose easy. And of course without sacrificing flavour.  These squares have it all. Coming from a very good friend of my mother, many many years ago, they taste like friendship and memories.



…winter beauty…


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Chocolate star cookies and handwritten cards.

It’s a rare thing today to recieve a handwritten letter or even a birthday card. Except over Christmas. I’ve just received my first card for this season and it was with pure excitement that I tore open the envelope, all the time guessing the sender. What a further delight it was to recognize the personal artwork on the card! Receiving this first very personal handpainted card, had me digging out some cards myself . They may not be in time for Christmas, but the timeless message will be the same: “I care and you are in my thoughts. May you experience exuberant moments. Love. Ronell”

And of course you can’t write cards without a cheekful of cookies, a coffee, some far off music and why not a flickering candle to accompany your reminiscing message.

…chocolate star cookies…



A recipe from Cuisine Creative, Burda, Novembre 2005.



This is an entry for Susan at  Foodblogga’s Christmas cookies round 2.