I’ve never been a big fan of cucumber. I find them rather tasteless and watery. But it is those exact reasons that make them a perfect base for a cold summer soup. I use cucumber with different herbs, or combined with other fruits or vegetables to make a light soup, especially on a warm summers afternoon or dinner. In this case I used kiwi, an excellent source of vitamin C.

…cold cucumber and kiwi soup…

cold Cucumber and kiwi salad.bmp

It may seem very “light” for a meal on its own, but we are eating way too much and our portions are way too big. This is an ample meal, if seved with some grilled seafood, like shrimps or langoustine tails, then followed by a cheese platter and a crusty grain bread and finished off with a seasonal dessert, or even only fruit.

It is custom in our house to eat “3 courses”. Now doesn’t that sound pretentious! But in fact, it is actually only “one course” that we serve seperately in 3 stages, or even more! A salad would serve as a starter, in it’s own bowl or plate, then followed up with maybe a fish/meat and a small vegetable, like a cherry tomato or two, or a bundle of french string beans tied with some tasty ham,  and afterwards maybe a slice of 2 cheeses  with baguette and finish off lastly with some dessert like a fruit, or joghurt.  A small espresso. Maybe a chocolate. That’s it.

Another rule of thumb is: When you start light, you can go heavier OR start heavy and go lighter. And try to keep the portions small, served on small plates!  That way, each serving gets centre stage, each flavour is appreciated on its own – no fighting flavours and colours all on one plate. With all the money you save on buying smaller quantities of food, you can invest in some interesting plates, making meals attractive and appealing. The stomach(and brain) is also cheated into thinking he has been given a five course meal, so the feeling of satiety and satisfaction is still rich! Serve the food on plates each individually as well, so you don’t get seduced into second helpings when the bowls stare longingly at you on the table,  right in front of you! Men are usually resistant to get up to serve themselves and women are embaressed to have everybody see them get up for MORE FOOD!

So. Let’s eat less. Smaller portions. Around a table. Attractive table ware. Colourful. Light. Lets’ talk about our food. About its colours. The tastes and smells and flavours, textures. Let’s enjoy it and rise from the table, still having room and energy left for a brisk walk.

…the sunflower; Micheln 3 star restaurant…

sunflowers 2sunflowers 3sunflowers 9sunflowers 7

13 thoughts on “Cold cucumber and kiwi soup

  1. I am so glad that I bookmarked you..this way I do not skip a beat..or a bzzzz:)

    Beau! All of it!
    Soup~ Salad:)

    The bugs and blooms though? Over the top ridiculously genius:)Lifelike!And with all my rain? these sunny photos warm my soul.


  2. Synchronisity! Or serendipity?
    I’ve just emailed a foodie friend in Vancouver about our quick-and-simple Sunday lunch (because, sadly, we both must finish other work, so can’t dally at the table)
    Came in here to continue my “work” and read this.

    Thankyou for taking up the “eat less, but eat well” mantra!


  3. Hi Ronelle, Thank you so much for your comments. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog. and seems quiet interesting for me. I love to cook too. yea and obviously to eat too. 🙂 Cucumber and kiwi soup!!!! Hmmm! Temme about the taste of the soup… looks yummy.
    Very bright and sharp photos too. Love it! 🙂


  4. You don’t sound pretentious at all!!! I know that my plates are too full and we eat too much and waste far too much!!! You inspire me to change our eating style…thx for that!!!


  5. Thank you for the lovely comments on my kitchen reno. I see that you have been even busier with your own new cottage reno. It looks like it is progressing nicely. It will be a lovely retreat, how I envy you this peaceful place!
    The soup looks delicious and something that I am going to bring to my luncheon on Wedneday. I was going to make a cold gespacho, but this looks like it will be a nice difference. You always inspire me. Have a good summer, filled with family visits and good friends.


  6. Your soup spells summer all over it. Gorgeous photos too. You have quite the eye for photography. I could learn a lot here.

    I’ve been on holiday with no internet access so it’s nice to be back and visit my friends. Looks like I’ve missed a lot of good stuff.


  7. FELICITATION encore une fois pour ce blog qui est vraiment magnifique et qui donne envie d’y retourner, rien que pour le plaisir des yeux et des papilles. Des photos superbes, une présentation originale, that’s just BRILLIANT!


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