A simple family meal, using one of the secret spices of Zlamushka. See previous post on Zlamushka’s secret spices.

Pork cotelets with Zlamushka's spices 2

add secret spices, cherry tomatoes, serve with cooked wheat…

Pork cotelets with Zlamushka's spices secret spices 2

Corn  pork cotelets with cooked corn

pork chops with spices


  • Any other meat can be used
  • Use these spices with oven baked winter root vegetables
  • Crush the mixture together in a mortar and pastle to a paste.
  • Serve with white/wholewheat rice, or cooked wheat or fluffy steamed potatoes.


autumn 2 autumn 1

15 thoughts on “Pork chops with spices and cherry tomatoes(Cotelettes de porc epicées aux tomates cerises.)

  1. You have to publish a cookbook Ronelle w/ your art:) It just marries so perfectly! You could do just like here..photos..and art..Please:)?


  2. I love pork chops……I have taken a pork belly out the freezer after reading someones post today…….


  3. hi ronelle! thanks for your comment 🙂
    the food looks yummmy too bad i’m allergic to tomatos :/


  4. The recipe is love, ronelle. I may use chicken instead though.

    Love the two photos at the end of the post. Cat is too cute and what is that tree with red color leaves/flowers?


  5. Ronelle danki die lekker resepte met di fotos help ni eindelik vir ons wat moet minder eet nou voor ons somer ni


  6. That sounds perfectly delicious. Love the picture of the kitty too – is he yours? and that wonderul red tree – we have them here in London too and I love them!


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