We all need inspiration. For everything we do. Whether it is for hanging on when life is difficult or getting out of bed when we are depressed… Even when times are good, we flourish even more when inspiration hits us from a different angle. I believe we can’t sit and wait for inspiration, but we need to constantly be in search of it. We need to be open to it.

Something as simple as a sandwich can be created from a burst of inspiration and sometimes from the most unexpected source. Read further down below about the following sandwiches, created by MArinell and Liandri, 12 and 10 years old at the time.

…”arnie” sandwich – jingle all the way

My humble way of being open to inspiration, is to always have a pencil  and note-book in hand. I even read a book with a pencil, underlining even the simplest phrase if it means something to me. I write down things I hear people say in the bar that I find has meaning for me. I write down a saying that I read on a bill board or an advertisement. I pull off the road and grab the pencil in the door pocket to write down something that has just “hit” me.  I wake up at night and write down a dream or a thought, I scribble when I drink coffee in town, I never take a walk by the Loire without a pencil and paper…in short, every moment is a pencil and note-book moment! A moment for a fresh idea. For a flare of inspiration. Do I act on them…all these ideas and inspiration? Sadly no, not always immedaitely, but I have them somewhere scribbled down in a little note-book in my house and I will fall upon it some time or another.

If you don’t have a pencil and note-book, get one soon and take down all your thoughts and ideas, colours you see, shapes you see, things you hear. Have little notebooks in as many corners of your house and office and car and bag and bicycle as possible, hands on, just for the taking. And stick ons. To mark the pages of books you read, articles, recipes, ideas. Our bookshelves are marked with books and their little colourful “flags”…people come over and they choose a book with a little flag, wanting to see what page is marked! Some interesting conversations have followed from that.

When our daughters were about 12  and 10 years, we were watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie one evening. They then decided to make sandwiches  for dinner and they named them  “Arnie” sandwiches…so we have Terminator  sandwiches and Jingle all the way, and Predator and Kindergarten cop. Their own creations, their own work, their own handwriting in my recipe book….the inspiration? A wild man with a heavy accent in a silly movie! And the sandwiches? Absolutely divine!

In your little note-books of inspiration, you can makelittle sketches of what you would like your dish to look like(no Picasso necessary, for your eyes only!) play with ingredients, colours, layers, flavours. Fill a basket by the television with books and stick-ons and pencils, so you can just reach out and grab a notebook and pencil to pen down some ideas, scribble…don’t just watch television zombie-like!

Keep cards of restaurants and recipe cards and photos of food and all kinds of memorabiliathat can trigger some inspiration, in some nice old tins or boxes or drawers – a place where you “visit” often and can dig for some fresh ideas and originality.

Hang and pin your inspirations on notice boards…in your pantry, above your desk, in your bedroom by your bed, by the telephone, by the computer, in your bathroom…

Inspiration and ideas are as alive as we make them be. They are ever-changing. They have wings and will fly away if we, the creators, don’t pin them down. Have fun in creating new recipes…your own!

Trucs et astuces de nos grand-mères:

pour dorer un gâteau si vous manquez d jaune d’œuf, vous pouvez le badigeonner de lait.

Milk can be used instead of an egg white to paint over a tart crust or cookies or cake in order to have it baked golden brown.

11 thoughts on “A creative sandwich and recipe inspiration

  1. What a lovely post, Ronell! Lots of good ideas here, and that sandwich looks delicious! I love all your photos and saved bits and bobs.


  2. You have inspired me endlessly…… “notebook” first on the shopping list for tomorrow!!!


  3. I love this post..I hope I caught a glimpse of your beautiful daughters..Their names are melodically special ..How sweet the recipe book w/ The Arniewiches:)

    And the other avec le cordon:) ..trop beau..
    I have an inspiration board in our bdr..w/ cards..:) To Nana..To Mom.. To my Friend.. little special things..my girls always say it will fall off the wall..it gets heavy:) So I start again:)Saving the old..but it’s a feelings board.. you just gave me a great idea:)About a Journal re food..journals re food and ideas.. I’d like to replace my work agenda soon w/ an idea agenda:)

    I love the idea of one in the kitchen..
    When I went to Europe I kept a journal..w/ little drawings..I love it!! When Jojo came for dinner Sat. she gave me a journal..I’ll ask her if I can use it for that..I had thought to keep it if ever I visit Paris..It says Venezia:)

    I see your watercolor too.:)
    I love baguette sandwiches tied w/ twine and paper..They are more delicious to me!!

    Thank you..I love my visits here.
    Very special.


  4. You never fail to inspire me! I do carry a notebook and pen with me most of the time ~ but they don’t look as inviting as yours. 🙂
    What a fun family you must have!
    Great photos!


  5. You are just so inspirational, Ronelle. You flood my brain with happy observations and projects. All those sandwiches from your daughters are lovely memories and great to eat, again.


  6. I definitely agree with you that makes this life worth living are our inspirations. Despite what most people say there are so many source of inspiration on earth, we really just to open our eyes and soul! What a lovely post and a fantastic sandwich! yum!!

    ps, thanks for your birthday message 🙂 gros bisous


  7. PS I forgot to add how much I like your banner with the falling snow, Ronelle.


  8. What great advice – inspiration is all around us, but we have to make notes so that we can remember where to find it later, when we feel lacking in inspiration 🙂 I found my interior decor inspiration file recently and discovered that I have lked the same classic look since I was a student!


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