Sprouting seeds is so easy. Healthy. Available to everybody. If you have a kitchen, you can have some sprouted seeds. Wonderful to use in salads and on sandwiches and it can serve as edible decoration on summer soups.

VF: Les graines germinées sont très faciles à faire. Tout le monde peut y arriver. Si on a une cuisine, si petite soit- elle, on peut toujours trouver un coin pour un germoir. C’est sain, délicieux en salade ainsi que sur une tartine et même comme une décoration comestible sur une soupe froide.


  • Shave your cucumber in thin strips with a potato peeler.
  • Use also other vegetables, like carrot strips, courgette strips or fennel  and combine with thin apple slices or pear slices.
  • When using pear or apple, consider using a soft blue cheese.
  • Use a real country style bread, with a hard crust and soft interior, giving you that nutty taste. Please don’t eat those “plastic bread loaves” which just have no taste or flavor or texture!
  • Use some nuts and accompanying oil to finish off your sandwich.
  • the vegetables can first be made into a little salad, sprinkled lightly with your favorite vinaigrette and spooned on to some sliced country bread.
  • Serve with an ice cold dry rosé wine.

…moutarde blanche et roquette(white mustard seeds and rocket)…

Tips for sprouting seeds:

  1. Rinse the seeds/grains under cold water and leave to stand for an hour or three, depending on the size and type of seeds.
  2. Rinse again and  spread in a sprouter or in a glass jar, covered with muslin.
  3. Rinse  the seeds/grains twice a day and even more on hot days.
  4. Leave in a dark corner, or in direct light if you want your seeds to turn green. Seeds left in the dark will be crunchier than those exposed to light.
  5. Use a special sprouter for seeds/grains which has a gel when it gets wet…mustard seeds, rocket, lambs lettuce…
  6. Spread your grains which form a gel onto some wet cottonwool if you don’t have a special sprouter.
  7. It takes from about 3 days to 10 days to have grains ready for your use.
  8. When the grains are ready, remove them from the tray, dry on a piece of toweling and store in the fridge.
  9. My favorites – trefle rouge, radis noir, cressonnette, oignon, chou rouge, moutarde, broccoli, adzuki
  10. Some sites to read for sprouting your own  grains:  Natur santé,  Handy pantry sproutingPrimal seeds.

…the containers also vary from affordable to glamorous and expensive. But even plain can fruit bottles turned on their side will do the trick…fill them with about 2 TBSP of seeds, rinse, cover with muslin and turn onto its side...

…tréfle rouge..

…some are just plain difficult and I don’t even bother with them any more…like beetroot seeds. I’ve tried every which way, but can only succeed in sprouting 5 seeds out of a whole handful…and I DO have a pretty green finger…!

…some seeds sprout faster than others. Transfer those quick sprouting one to a container in the fridge and start fresh with new seeds. That way there will always be a variety of seeds for your salads in the fridge…

..une boîte a graines pour donner l’inspiration..

Amusez vous bien avec votre germoir, quelques graines, un peu d’inspiration et beaucoup d’enthousiasme!

…à la prochaine…

17 thoughts on “Cucumber and kiwi tartine and sprouting some seeds.

  1. Sjoe Ronell maar daai broodjie lyk heerlik lekker!! Ek was juis by n seminaar oor rou kosse, sade, “sprouting” ens. en sal volgende week by jou kom leer hoe om regtig “sprouting” te doen……dankie vir die oulike “post” en nou is ek darem baie lus vir so n broodjie!!


  2. Excellent article!! My husband is not a big fan of sprouts, but I am. Have to get my hands around growing some 🙂


  3. Oh je n’aurais jamais pensé à faire germer mes graines, quelle superbe idée! Hmm elle me donne envie ta tartine toute en couleur. C’est parfait pour un déjeûner sur le pouce ou un petit encas!


  4. Because ants were a problem I stopped sprouting my own, but for some reason the supermarket only has a limited range now. So, back to the jam- jar-on-the-bench. And the ants had best beware!


  5. Not only does this make me want to sprout my own seeds, but I just want to dive into that lovely tartine! So fresh looking – I can practically taste it!


  6. dankie vir die pragtige pos en goeie inligting..ai ek wens ek het vir my daarvan saam teruggebring! jou roossteggies is gedoen en ek gesels elke dag met hulle! net soos ek elke dag stukkie vir stukkie met jou gesels in ‘n brief oppad…mis jou- baie liefde Colette x


  7. You amaze me, Ronelle. I seriously don’t know how you do all of this and yet you seem to have the most stress-free, lovely life. First of all, your photography is always gorgeous (love the tartine). And secondly, please know that every time I come to your site I just want to sit all morning and bask in the beauty. And thirdly, your watercolors!@!! Bisous, bisous!! The whole experience here, is so wonderful. Please keep feeding us.


  8. I do tend to buy my sprouts….must rethink that practice. The summery tartine is a work of art… the combination of flavors and textures has me peeling a cucumber right now. There i an aura of goodness from your posts. Thank-you.


  9. Sprouts are fantastic! That tartine is very original. A refreshing and healthy combination. Yummy!




  10. Your paintings are totally enchanting as are your fotographs Ronelle! I love your blog already and Ill be back. Im glad you dropped by. ive been scrolling through you old entries and I love them all. :)) tq for such a lovely time 🙂 u make the sprouts look so pretty and tempting.


  11. Hâllo Ronelle!

    Ta sandwich est vraiment rafraîchissante!!!

    Je l’aime beaucoup!!!!

    Bisous de Bruxelles!


  12. I love this post and I always wonder why more people don’t sprout seeds. Those living in harsh climates could have healthful and delectable greens no matter the season.

    Love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. My old friend Elizabeth Murray (she wrote and photographed Monet’s gardens at Giverny) was here for a cold avocado soup last night. Thought of YOU!


  13. Hey Again! Ronelle, I’m doing this! I’ve noticed a lot of people sprouting their own seeds, but I never really thought about doing it myself. I’m going to try! I’ll use this as a tutorial and ‘google it’ too for extra info on organic seeds and such…
    Oh, and talk about refreshing?!? That cucumber and kiwi snack sounds so nice to me right now…


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