Our youngest daughter loves apple-anything and she started baking this cake when she was only knee high. It is from The Australian woman’s weekly home librabry – Cakes and slices. We’ve changed it only  a little . The recipe directs to cut apples in quarters and then cut 3/4 trhough in slices and then press into the dough. It gives a beautiful cake, but makes the slices too big(to include apples in each slice) so we cut the apples in slices and spread them through out the cake, which gives a less attractive cake, BUT much more moist and of course delicious!

PS: forgive the bad photo..I was being pushed on with the photo, because my daughter didn’t want the cake cold…and after all, she DID bake the cake..!


  • Pears could be used instead of apples.
  • Instead of inserting the apples slices all over the top of the cake, the apples can be cut into courters and then sliced only 3/4 way through. Press into the cake at the edges. I gives a prettier cake, but the slices won’t be spread through out the cake.
  • Gelatin powder can be used…1 tsp.
  • Best when served slightly warm with a spoonful of whipped cream on the side…or my ever trusting naughty crème fraîche!
  • It can be stored for two to three days.

Last weekend, Montlouis held its yearly, autumn “marché des douceurs. A lot of eating and drinking, socializing and selling marks the day and if one arrives home hungry you have only yourself to blame!

Le week-end dernier etait le marché des douceurs en centre ville de notre petit village si sympa, avec des rencontres de  Montlouisiens si sympa. C’est la fête automnale annuelle et on y mange et on y boire. On discute dans les rues, on vends et on achète .   Si, après tout ca, on rentre à la maison sans un sourire ou encore affamé… eh bien, c’est pas à cause d’un manque de  la nourriture ou un manque de divertissement!

...local organic vegetables...
..directions to Montlouis..
..en vélo..



..poduits Basques..
..crépe au nutella..


...fondants chocolats, macarons and nougats from Tours...


...fun for the kiddies...


la fameuse Géline de Touraine
..la barbe à papa..



..tumbling flowers..
..menu de la loire à 15 euros..


...the fish from les Animalis...


..."M le fermier" and his vegetable "sculptures"...


…à la prochaine…


20 thoughts on “Apple cake..and “le marché des douceurs à Montlouis s/L”.

  1. Oui quelle chance d’habiter dans un site si enchanteur! Nous aimons tellement les gâteaux aux pommes.. et jamais je n’ai utilisé des feuilles de gélatine..Géniale cette idée..

    Les photos..la recette..Le tout..♥

    Are you on that happy little ride Ronelle?:)
    Ton ♥ de pomme! Wouaou~


  2. I will soon be baling with my little one, as soon as she is on the mend again…The cake looks delightful to say the least!!!
    I must say…organic in France looks a whole lot beter than organic in SA!!!


  3. Ronelle, you have the best markets, even cotton candy. We went to a country fair during the summer and the children had to buy their cotton candy in a bag instead of being spun on a cone.

    The apple cake sounds delicious and this is sure the season to make one.



  4. Bonjour Ronelle~ the photo of the delectable apple cake is just pefect and I can imagine it will taste superbe with a dollop of creme- fraiche! What a great market and I particularly love the photo of the organic vegetable stall~ oh! and I would definitely buy that “Nougat de Tours” if I were there.
    Lovely post.


  5. Hey Ronelle, I didn’t know you have a daughter. Me wants one of those (smile)…and soon. My biological clock is ticking!
    Your apple cake looks absolutely moist and wonderful. I’m bookmarking it, since it’s apple season here in the states.
    Ooh, and I love your new header. It looks so warm and romantic…


  6. Wow Ronelle…I would like to taste a slice of the apple cake, it looks delicious! I love the photos of the fresh market in Montlouis…everything looks so fresh….! I love your artwork of the apples. Hmm…Nutella in crepes…I never thought of that but will do it from now on….smile…
    Miss you and beautiful Montlouis!


  7. Hello Ronell. beautiful images that brings back such happy memories… I remember our first visit to you in Mont Louis- darling daughter was only 18 months old and we strolled up the hill to this marche…she peeped over my shoulder and exclaimed: “it is the same carousel!” ….and there should be little ducks…of course she does not remember the actual time but rather from looking at all the photo’s we took – have a lovely week Colette xx


  8. Hi Ronell
    Besig om die appelkoek te maak. Dis besig om te bak. Ek het appels met dieprooi skille gekoop en die skil aangelaat, sodat dit na bo wys. Weet nie of dit sal werk nie. Wil dit môre saamneem na Marelise toe. My familie is nou so versprei; Danie in frankryk, Lielie in Sjina en Marleen, Marelise se dogter, in Duitsland.

    Hou baie van jou resepte, wat ook so mooi lyk altyd en so kunstig aangebied word.


    Tannie Martie (Moet Miskien maar in Engels skryf)


  9. Thank you so much for this tour Ronelle dear. I love slipping into the moment and feeling the day.

    Sending love from cold, windy, and dark Maine, which we’re leaving today. Sigh.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  10. Does anything look more welcoming than a just-baked apple cake? (Well,maybe the apples)I prefer apple cakes to the pies so will be giving this a go – to delight the family. Just as the “virtual” walk through your market delightd me.


  11. By taking a few moments to take a look around…I soon realized the unique style you have and what a pleasure it was to discover your culinary journey.

    Hope your daughter left you a piece of cake too ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,


  12. Ronelle, it’s all apple talk here in england this week with apple day. This recipe looks so good that it’s enough to get you cooking straight away, but it’s late now! Thanks for a lovely inspiring post. S x


  13. It is a beautiful cake . I have that recipe book too. AWW is great and has great recipes. Im going to try this recipe. It looks delicious!

    I just LOVE your watercolours. So So beautiful!


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