I had left over rabbit. And small chili peppers. Some goats cheese. Herbs. And guests for dinner. As un apéro, these would do perfectly.

But BEWARE: They are very hot. While I was preparing them, I took a tiny bite from one and it was fairly piquant, but not as I expected and I continued happily.  BUT THEN… later the afternoon, I propped a smallish whole one in my mouth….well,  I flounced desperately around the kitchen table, like a horse being backed for the first time. I fled  outside in the rain for oxygen and help.  Not finding it there, I scrambled back to the fridge and gulped down 6 joghurts… I think next time I will use the mild spanish red pepper instead…but oh, these look SO pretty on a platter…!


  • Use left over chicken or duck or turkey instead of rabbit.
  • When using duck, leave out the cheese and replace with balsamic vinegar and grated apple, sprinkled with lemon juice.
  • Ricotta cheese or créme fraîche can be used in place of the goats cheese.
  • Serve as a sterter with a small green salad, or serve as an apéritif with a cold white wine.
  • If the chili peppers are too hot to your liking, use the long Spanish red peppers instead and cut them shorter from the thin point upward.

Apart from smelling freshly brewed coffee when entering a home, few other things can  give a home that feeling of lived in comfort, cosiness , than seeing books…stacks of books, or shelves overflowing with a chaos of books. It doesn’t matter if it is a formal library or the living room where books are strewn on the table and couches.  I’m not talking about the pretentious shelves and  more shelves of beautiful books, only admired for their leather covers…No,  I love entering a home and seeing books everywhere, inviting me to take on from a shelf or pick it up from a table or chair or even the floor….open it up and page through… read the end…the sinopsis and discover a little bit about the owner’s taste and likes and discover new titles…

We don’t have a libraryat home, only “corners” of books which  I try in vain to keep  neat. Now I look past it and only try to balance out the stacking in order to prevent a shelf from breaking. And I LOVE it when people come here and pick up a book…!

..books at home..
..books in corners..
..books on the coffeetable, by the bed, decorating corners(which I HAVE read and still reread, yes)..


I bought this beautiful and inspiring book on libraries a while ago: BIBLIOTHEQUES – l’art de vivre avec des livres by Roland Beaufre and Dominique Dupuich..

..BIBLIOTHEQUES - l'art de vivre avec des livres by Roland Beaufre and Dominique Dupuich..

*All the following images are borrowed from the book:

These next two libraries, are my most favorites in this book…if you leave me in either of these two, I’ll just happily disappear and you’ll never see me again!

..from the family Tazi, at Rabat..


Another wonderful treasure of books!

..library of the Parisian decorator, Laure Welfing in Tanger..


This library below is beautiful…too beautiful actually. I feel like someone’s is whispering…:”Don’t touch”!

..a bourgeoise library in Tanger..


Don’t you just love a space like this, with so much to see and look at and loaded with personality…except for that spider on the lamp shade of course…

..working space/library of Gilles Neret in St-Germain-de-Prés, journalist and editor..


This inviting couch and the lamp won me over!

..library/working space of art writer, Francois Jonquet with a bohemian flavor..


A bit less chaotic, but still inviting with its couch and music station, the warmth of family photos, botanical prints…and of course…MANY books!!

..library of decoration journalist, Pamela de Monbrison..


I hope this kicked you into a mood of reading, like it did me…and instead of watching a good DVD this weekend, let’s make it one of reading those oldies we haven’t touched in a while!

..bon week-end!..


25 thoughts on “Chili peppers stuffed with rabbit..and a home library.

  1. I can feel your pain at the hotness of the peppers. They do look beautiful however, but I agree, something milder next time. That’s a great recipe for stuffing a variety of items for canapes actually. Thanks for sharing it.

    I have piles of books all over the place too. I can’t resist them. Oh to have a room dedicated just to books. Wouldn’t it be heaven?


  2. I laughed out loud at the drinking the yogurts:) I did that once too w/ a pepper recipe.. they had shrimps and bacon in them..Ohlala..Just because I liked the appareil you cooked them in..

    I like books too and I love homes w/ books..

    I especially liked them when I worked and did open houses..if no one came I often had asked the owners before if I could peruse their magazines or cookbooks:)

    You’ve shared lovely images..Love the ladder w/ the very French chair:)
    Bonne Fin De Semainex


  3. Ronelle, the last time and only time I used Habanero peppers, everyone ran out in the garden gasping for breath. My hands were burned from working with them and soaking in milk did little to ease the pain.

    The Art Of Living With Books, what a great title! I am afraid I only have my garden books on the shelves and lots of other books in boxes in the basement. I need to rethink how I display my books.



  4. A succulent dish! Rabbit is so flavorful. Wow, that is a collection of books!

    Cheers et bon WE,



  5. That sounds really hot! But it is beautiful. What a great post–I am in love with all of those rooms. Like living in your favorite old bookstore. Food and books…Sigh…


  6. Ronelle, what a great use of left overs. I always take anyone using rabbit seriously. Lovely canape. S x


  7. Ah, Ronelle, I can see that we are from the same lineage….Good food, (good wine, of course), and books. Right now it’s raining outside…I have my tea…and if I could curl up on one of those couches and spend the rest of the day reading, that would be my idea of heaven!


  8. Oh – and a small bit of information regarding peppers…… I used to live in New Mexico – the land of the chili pepper. Chilis come in a huge variety of heat – from the kind you describe here – the kind that chars your tongue for days – to something so mild you’d swear you were eating a sweet pepper. But when it comes to dousing the fire of a hot pepper, nothing works better than something sweet. That’s why it’s traditional in New Mexico to serve sopapillas – a kind of fried bread – and honey to accompany your meal.


  9. Hey Ronelle, Ooh goodness! I’ve totally had that happen to me before with a pepper that tricked me with a small, mild bite…
    You know, here in the South and Southwestern portion of the U.S., we grow a lot of different types of peppers/chilis. We believe the best way to quench the fire on the tongue is to put a big piece of bread in in your mouth and chew. The fire will almost instantly be much less. Then we move to things like water and yogurt (smile). It works every time for me;)
    Oh, and I love rooms like that with books. It’s like so much life is around the room and on each page…very romantic!


  10. Hello dear Ronelle,

    I always wonder about the inner life of people when I enter their home and see…NO BOOKS! Personally, I belong to the school of not only living with books, but thinking of them as one of the best bits of decor and warming of a home.

    I love the book At Home with Books. Look at it if you get the chance.

    Books give us wings (as do hot peppers),

    Love, love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  11. Dear Ronelle…I just pove the photograph of the chili peppers stuffed with left over rabbit… I would like to know if your guests also had the same reaction to the chili peppers as you had?? I agree with you, books really give a home that feeling of lived in comfort and cosiness…I had that feeling at your home! 🙂


  12. I’ve always dreamed of a library – instead we have piles of books – bookshelves in every bedroom and room of the house and still – piles of the books. The library with the cozy couch just sang to me.

    And oh – the food. I’ve never stuffed peppers wth anything but pure vegetables or beef – so this would be a lovely change and I still have peppers (after 3 frosts) but probably not as piquant as yours! What is it about a stuffed vegetable that is so welcoming?


  13. Ay-ay-ay! Those chillis!
    But it does sound a delicious dish.
    Ronelle, I have linked to this post on a book-making group blog (http://bookartobject.blogspot.com)
    for the other members to see the wonderful library pictures. Both yours and that book.
    And now I’m going to steam some asparagus and then I shall write to Santa Claus!;-)


  14. Good to hear so many people love books – my husband and I have a house full of books; I’m either reading a book/cookbook, or magazine. We accumulate so many we have to sell some to make room for newbies.

    A good book, tea and a quiet house – Heaven.


  15. I stay clear from chillies. But the dish looks appealing… Loved to have books and books and books around me. Unfortunately had to get rid of many having changed countries twice. And it is an expensive hobby but I love the browse around other people’s ‘libraries’. A house without books…hmmmm.

    I agree with Judy from Texas, A good book, a cuppa and a quiet house – heaven!!


  16. The recipe sounds delish but I would have to be careful with the chilies. I love your books ~ looks much like my house with books everywhere ~ so homey and comfortable.
    Have a lovely week.


  17. Mmmmmm, so I think I have decided to look at the photo of your chillies and not to cook them! When I work with chillies, I always touch my eyes…Oh viscious circle! Your love of books is very inspiring, even using the open drawers. Nice photos from your book, Ronelle!


  18. Libraries are so enchanting, something about them just makes you feel so relaxed and inspired. I love the variety of the ones you displayed. And aside from that, the rabbit-stuffed peppers are so unique! I’ve never thought of stuffing anything with rabbit before, but it certainly sounds divine. I will have to give it a try sometime soon, perhaps when I visit my parents. My father is Greek and they eat a lot of rabbit there, such a great-tasting meat!


  19. HI Ronelle, I couldn’t help but laugh at you running for help in the rain.. It sounds like something I would do.ha ha I’m glad you are ok.. Those Hot peppers can be torture..You put a smile on my face though. Your books too look so inviting. We are big readers and have them everywhere..they become dear friends, take care, Diana


  20. I’m only just starting to enjoy mildly piquante food!!

    Oh how I could just move into your room with all your wonderful books – it feels like home already!!!
    Books make me happy and I couldn’t live without them.
    With the advent of computers, they said digital books would ‘take over’ – not for me.
    There’s nothing tactile about a digital book now is there.

    “A room without books is like a body without a soul”. Cicero

    I’ve really enjoyed visiting.
    Take care


  21. Moi, j’aime une bibliothèque un peu bordélique … et puis des livres partout … sauf dans la salle de bain parce l’humidité en gondole les pages et que ça m’énerve … À la maison, il y a aussi des livres partout … Quand je tente de les ranger, je me mets à les feuilleter et je ne range rien du tout … SI je me fais violence, la fois suivante, je ne les retrouve plus … UNe fatalité, je te le dis ! ;o)))
    Quant aux piments, c’est sûr, il faut y faire attention. Moi, la dernière fois que j’en ai manipulé, c’était au Mexique … Je voulais ramener des graines à la maison … Je m’en suis collée sous les ongles et j’ai eu des brûlures terribles jours et nuit pendant 48 heures ! ;o)))
    Bisous et merci pour cette bonne recette


  22. Ronelle…I have not been here in such a long time. Love the way you feel about books. We have a library in our 1853 farmhouse and it is one of my favorite places. Every inch of the wall space is covered with photographs and art. We need to paint this room and I can’t stand the thought of removing all the books.

    For some reason I lost all the links on my computer awhile ago and could not remember your address. I found it on Ingrid’s blog. Boy did you two have a great time. I have enjoyed all of her photographs recording your adventures!


  23. Hey Ronelle,

    What lovely & appetizing looking rabbit stuffed hot peppers!!!

    Yummie & delightful food!

    What lovely libraries!!


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