Christmas time is chocolat time. A feather light chocolate mousse. The perfect ending to a magical christmas dinner. And in January we’ll go on a diet.

This is a recipe from Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé. I’ve been making this mousse for many years and haven’t found a recipe that is so light and delicious as this one…it is a true winner !!


  • This is a basic mousse recipe…add some flavor the your mousse by infusing the milk with grated orange zest, or a tsp of coffee, or a pinch of cardamom, cinnamon, any other Christmas spices.
  • Using milk makes for a lighter mousse, but if you want it richer and creamier, use cream instead of milk. I even go so far as tu use 2 percent milk.
  • The longer the mousse stands, the creamier and denser it becomes, but it is still good. I prefer to make my mousse nothing more than 12 hours in advance…having a beautiful feather light chocolat mousse.
  • It can be kept up to two days in the fridge.
  • Cover the mousse when chilling it in the firdge to prevent it from absorbing other flavors in the fridge.
  • Serve as individual portions in glasses, or scoop quenelles from a glass dish onto a plate.
  • See how to make quenelles.
  • Decorate with chocolate shavings or a touch of edible gold leaf.

…and memories of christmas dinners…

How can we dwell on our past, delight in experiences long ago and not remember past years spent around a christmas table. Always special, however small or simple. Each table has a story of its own…one year a daughter arrived long after midnight from a long and problematic journey, one year there was a last meal with an elegant and fragile neighbor, one year was spent in the company of a crazy crowd of friends , one year delivered an utterly chaotic and catastrophical dinner year was sad with last goodbyes, one year was spent alone and tearful in a strange country…so many christmas dinners, so many stories, so many memories…

May you have great memories of past dinners…whether you were with family or friends, or whether you were alone, or whether they were sad times…whatever the case…they are yours, cherish them, becausethey give you a history. A past.

…à la prochaine fois..


24 thoughts on “Chocolate mousse..and memories of christmas dinners.

  1. That mousse sounds really easy–and delicious. I have a chocolate mousse recipe, but I’d love to try this one. Thanks! Happy holidays to you all! xo


  2. I need to tell you how much I love coming here. You give me beauty for 5 minutes…10 mintes… 15 minutes in my day and then I revisit for inspiration. I have been looking for a mousse without cream because long ago I had a chocolate mousse that just made me soar – sans cream. I am already “dieting” but I will have your mousse this holiday season. I may be watching my weight but I’m not dense. This is to savor.


  3. I have to agree with Claudia…you have an eye for beauty and you have the talent to capture is in such a way that we can see it too!!

    A blessed Christmas to you and your family!


  4. I do cherish each and every one of our past Christmases. A truly wonderful journey through life, both the happy and the sad.

    Beautiful table! I love the soft glow of candle light and the lighted branches in the corner. Very elegant.

    Joyeux Noël à toi et ta famille!


  5. I adore your light chocolate mousse. And your Christmas tables – oh so elegant and festive. I agree with Claudia and Nina. You always provide such inspiration and beauty. I want to linger and draw in every moment.

    You have a tree with lights in a couple of the pictures that grabs my attention and I keep looking at it, wondering how to re-create it myself. It’s so magical with it’s sparkling lights.

    Joyeux Noel,


  6. Love your table arrangment, they ar ejust so beautiful. And delcious looking dessert too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy new year.


  7. Simply elegant.. Tu as vraiment une touche superbe pour enjoliver qui que ce soit.
    Dream like..You are so right about Christamases being different every single one of them..

    I think my favorite in many many years was the first time we had a grandchild at Christmas.. It was a living Nativity for me…

    Years follow..but do not resemble each other.. a famous French quote.

    Lovely timely post ..Thank you..

    Quelle belle fille:)


  8. Ronelle, your mousse looks so wonderful and your tables divine, I agree with Claudia coming to your blog is such a dear blessing. A Treat! thank you so much,Diana, may your holiday be extra blessed.. Love to you!


  9. Liewe Ronelle…vandag skryf ek sommer nou in Afrikaans. Daai sjokolade mousse lyk ongelooflik lekker…romerig, so asof dit net in jou mond gaan weg smelt! Die foto van die sjokolade mousse is regtig baie professioneel…kan uit n boek kom. Al jou verskillende kerstafels is so mooi maar foto nommer een met die wit tafel is my gunsteling! Pragtig!
    Ek sou al lankal vir jou vra oor Nutella…smeer die Franse dit net so op die pannekoek of kombineer julle dit met die kaneel suiker en/of suurelmoensap??

    n Geseende Kersfees vir julle almal!



  10. Mmm!! that chocolate mouse looks superbe!! and the table settings tres elegant! I just know you will have the best Christmas with lots of Yummy treats~ Enjoy! I have loved visiting your beautiful blog-site & look forward to more in the New Year.
    With much love at this special time


  11. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog (thanks to Cynthia’s post) and I’m in awe. Thank you for such a piece of beauty!
    Merry Christmas and… Happy Cooking (and Creating)!


  12. Oh Ronelle, that is one beautiful table set with such wonderful things. Very enchanting! Oh, and the chocolat mousse looks absolutely delicious. I used to love chocolate mousse when I was a little girl. I bet I would now too (smile)!
    Hope this Christmas is another sweet one to add to the books…


  13. Superbes photos qui donnent une ambiance très fêtes a toutes ces gourmandises; j’adore la mousse au chocolat, la vraie, comme celle-ci. oh et puis je vais jeter un coup d’oeil au film avec Depardieu à droite.


  14. Such an elegant table..and yes, well put, each Christmas holds it’s own special memories.
    Have a blessed one, Ronelle.


  15. Oh my gracious, the table setting is so beautiful, and with such detail. The poached pears and oysters are lovely too, I particularly like the presentation of the pears in the glasses, such a creative idea. The mousse looks and sounds great too, what an artiste! Thank you for sharing these lovely images 🙂


  16. Ronelle dear,

    My wishes across the miles for a joyous holiday with family and friends.

    I SO love visiting and harvesting inspiration and fabulous recipes.

    With love,



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