Et voilà! Another year flat on its back and only a few days left for a last effort to check off our 2011 list. And while we do it, we can delight in some December ambiance, eat some dessert and then go for a long walk afterwards to start a new healthy habit. This dessert is extremely easy and quick, loaded with Calcium and can be adapted to your taste and presented in every which way you like it.

Pinch of salt:

  • The cream adds some lightness to the heavier  curd cheese, also called “faisselle”
  • Substitute cream cheese for the curd cheese (fromage blanc.)
  • Use a fruit coulis in season…pineapple, melon, peach, apricot…
  • Use the berries whole, slightly sautéed in sugar  for a warm sauce.
  • In summer, add a drop of rose water instead of the violet syrup.
  • Taste for sweetness and add more or less sugar.

She wakes up in the darkness of the night. Sitting straight up in her bed, she holds her breath, tilts her head…hears it… and falls back on her pillow. The owls are back. With a smile lingering on her face, she drifts off, snug under the warmth of a heavy down duvet.

Outside in the cold of the night, the fog lies thick in the valley, wrapping all sounds in a silent cloak of mystery. All is quiet. The forest is dark and austere and the large oaks stand solemn and still. Unflinching in their guard. Then the  owl calls.  An answer breaks the heavy silence with an echo in the valley.  A twig snaps in the woods.  A deer bellows. Eyes gleam. A snort stifles. Silence. The mist rolls thicker over the hills into the forest, relentless in protecting her womb and the life she hides.

The owl calls. An answer. An echo.  Silence.

Have an atmospheric December!


17 thoughts on “Creamy curd cheese dessert with red berry coulis…and December ambiance 2011

  1. Je suis contenete de voir ton m’apprêtais à t’écrire un mot~
    Toujours aussi beau et plein de bon goût chez toi..Le dessert semble parfait..
    Une belle histoire..une note de tenter de trouver du sirop de violette..
    Un sourire pour les hibous.


  2. I think I want this for breakfast. I like the idea of using the fromage blanc instead of the cream cheese – seems lighter. And I think I want your owls – I love the hoots. But the screeching owl – he can get scary! Happy December.


  3. What a beautiful dessert for the holidays! I just found a recipe for homemade fromage blanc from Emeril that sounds fairly simple.

    LOVE the cozy atmosphere there – Coin Perdu, I assume? Rustic, warm and lovely, along with the atmosphere you created with description of the night sounds.


  4. This is elegant and simple…somewhat like the dessert I make with plain Greek yogurt, but this, with the addition of whipping cream…yum.

    I have missed you and your inimitable style.




  5. LOVE it all my friend! I would love to curl up under that cozyness…savour the desert and then fall asleep with twinkling lights and wise owls…. Hugs Colette


  6. Genugtig Ronelle maar die poeding lyk lekker…awhhhh…hoe lus kry ek nou vir die poeding van jou! Alles lyk so mooi en feestelik soos net jy dit kan doen! Dankie vir die deel van alles en jy skryf so mooi..! 🙂


  7. Ronnele,

    I got so excited showing my husband your French kitchen that I forgot to comment. We love the openess of it whereas, everything in the US is covered up even cabinets over some homeowners appliances.

    The dessert sounds delicious and simple to make.



  8. love all your decorations Ronelle – very special. I am ashamed that somehow I omitted to follow this blog of yours… missing out big time! Have a wonderful december! BB sends a hug!


  9. Oh this is all beautiful…the dessert, the Christmas decorations,just lovely!
    Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.


  10. I stumbled upon your blog and have absolutely fallen in love with your posts, your food and where you live! My husband is French and he is not one for the blogosphere but he went on and on about your recipes

    Joyeux Noël to you and your family.



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