Today is Grandmothers’ day here in France. everywhere “les Mamies” were taken out to lunches, flower shops were open(normally closed on Sundays) and husbands and children walked around with small bouquets for their sweet “Mamie” I wish I had a “Mamie” who I could spoil today, but the best I could do, was join in the fun at out Cecile’s bar, “le café du Centre” in Beaulieu sur Dordogne, where everybody gathered in happy spirit for coffee and croissants!


Of course that is something just up my alley, for I adore my coffee and I adore my croissant. I’m not a very routine and organized focused person, but not a day goes by that I don’t routinely start my day with my  black “café allongé, un verre d’eau, un croissant and the day’s journal, La Montagne. habitual café et croissant..

And so…right there, this morning, next to mon Chéri, among our cafés and croissant crumbs, camera, lenses and writing carnets and laughter of Cecile’s clients, the idea was born for a new blog. I am up for change!

..le café du centre..

So maybe I will move over from Myfrenchkitchen to Café & croissant, which will just be about everything I encounter in my everyday life…I suppose not much different from what I’ve done on Myfrenchkitchen. and of course food is included….man can’t live on croissants alone! I am considering having only the one blog…for my art, for our coin Perdu and its country life and restoration and all things that I find brings sense to this challenging life we live. But maybe I won’t move…I will of course lose many of my readers and will have to start all over and my URL will change which is always a complicated story for all involved. But where is a will, is a way. I need to move on to something new…some new juice! The future will lead me.

..Café & croissant..

I’m also leaving this week for a week or two in Hawaii with mon Chéri. All tech stuff will stay behind, except for my camera. I’m taking only my bathing suit, sketching tools and little black number…for all those dinners awaiting me! I want to switch off and indulge in nature the sun and surroundings, let my senses treat me every day. Can you tell I’m excited?

..early morning..


And to round off this post…I made a curry chicken tagine for dinner..

  • Chicken cut into portions, browned in olive oil and madras curry. Added potatoes cut in cubes, onions cut roughly, a handful of organic dried apricots, chopped preserved lemon, a tablspoon of wild flower honey and some homemade chicken stock from the freezer. Bring to the boil and slowly simmer until you have a thick sauce and tender vegetable and chicken.
  • Add some spices of your taste…I used cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper and crushed juniper berries.
  • Serve with couscous.
  • Bon appétit!!



15 thoughts on “Grandmothers’ day, Hawaii and a bistrot spirit.

  1. Ronelle…Your new blog will be great. I have kept a daily journal for 4 years and people still come back. Just make sure you give us a link to your new address. Have a great vacation in Hawaii.


  2. Ronelle, your blog myfrenchkitchen, was the very first blog I visited and continues to be my
    all time favorite! Yet just last week at my Mother’s funeral, my cousin announced that she had a desire to reinvent herself….you are so very creative and sincere in your blogging that although I would dearly miss myfrenchkitchen, i look forward to your new creation!!!


  3. I just saw a moraccan tangine being prepared the other day on television. I had never heard of it but I know I would like your recipe better. Hawaii is like a new world, enjoy!



  4. Ronelle, this is the only blog I read because of my limited time. I enjoy every post. I wish I could share another coffee and croissant with you in the French countryside…! It will be total bliss! Your chicken tangine looks delicious!!! Enjoy Hawaii and take lots of pictures…would love to see them all!


  5. Follow your whim, Ronelle!
    I am still trying to “tidy” my blog. How? By having a main post with separate pages for other things. The cats clamoured for their own blog and now that they have it there are dark mutterings that their secretary should be fired…
    In the meantime, enjoy Hawaii (as I know you will!) and I’ll stop b y some day for cafe et croissant.

    PS Perhaps some more koi??????????


  6. Ronelle everything you do you do well..I am sure the direction you go in will be wonderful. Hawaii looks gorgeous. I want to pack a bag and go to Maui.


  7. Have you ever considered linking your blog to a twitter account? I would do a happy dance if you did 🙂 Wherever you lead, I will follow. Your posts are a part of life I would never want to be without. You’ve spoiled us!!


  8. @ Lori… you sweet woman…I know you have had your blog a looong time and always beautiful with your stunning horses cutest animals and art classes and salads and winter food…an inspiration! I can definitely not hold the candle next to your commitment! Thank you for your support…like always!

    @Denise…your name is so familiar too…a name I’ve known for a loong time ! And support I’ve had for a looong time! Thank you!
    I’m SO sorry to hear about your mother? I had no idea…I hope time is kind to you and your family. I will drop a coin for you and yours in my new memory fountain…

    @Eileen… when I come back from Hawaii, I will be picking your expert brain for advice on my garden, so be prepared…I am going to be a nuisance!!

    @Ingrid… you are such a busy business woman lately, which I am happy for, because you love it so! But I am looking forward to that day of coffee and croissant…I’ll even settle for tea and cake!!

    @Diane… you are so versatile on your blog…art and musings, writings, political reports, humor…I pity you though for being secretary to such demanding bosses, you are a brave woman! But continue your very active and interesting blog…it isn’t messy at all!

    @Melanie…you and your camera are an inspiration too…I can imagine you going wild in such a colorful place like Maui! Never been to Maui…I’m off to Cona island.

    @June… I actualy do have a twitter account, but I’m so useless at it, hi hi… It is Africantapestry-something. I think if you just typae Affricantapestry, you’ll get there…you’re giving me a good poin to consider…being more effective! Thank you for your lovely lovely compliment…I am blooming on this Monday morning!!!\

    Thank you everybody!


  9. Have a lovely time in Hawaii. I was there for my honeymoon back in 93 🙂
    And I’ll definitely follow your new blog!


  10. Have a wonderful vacation, Ronelle! What beautiful sights you will see. I can’t wait to visit Cafe & Croissant.


  11. Ronelle, enjoy your trip to Hawaii, it is necessary to unplug and unwind! I don’t know what island you are going to, hopefully somewhere like Kauai, Maui or the Big Island. I lived in Maui so if by chance you are going there I would be happy to provide suggestions. 🙂

    Also I love the idea of your new blog..change is good!



  12. @ Sam…thank you…you would know about sun and sand and islands wouldn’t you…hihi! I am looking forward to some island laid back relaxation.

    @ Erin…an island honeymoon…1993…high time for the second honeymoon, don’t you think?

    @ Susan…thank you ! we’ll see how Cafe et croissant turns out…I’m a bit all over the place. at the moment…not a good thing.

    @ Nicole…thanks, I wish I was going to Maui, just t be able to have firsthand suggestions from you(aren’t you lucky to have lived in Hawaii), but I’ll definitely remember, should my chance come up. I’m going to Kona island.
    thanks all!


  13. Celebrating Grandmother’s day is so beautifully civilized. I should do it here – just to do it! Enjoy Paradise!


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