Et voila…M Pierrot Gourmand, as promised!

We love our apéro (apéritif) before dinner. It can be many things and always quick and easy. Only with visitors do I try to do something more “travaillé” more elaborate. But most of the time it will be fresh tomatoes with some mozzarella, or a bowl of home marinated olives, or melted Camembert and baguette slices, or carrot sticks with vinaigrette dip, or brushcetta… These little tomato cocktails are very popular. Fresh from our tomato vines, they are dipped in caramel and in poppy seed and stuck into Pierrot and served with cold Provencal Rosé wine on the patio while Mon Chéri prepares his fire for our dinner… this is of course in summer where one can’t be anywhere else but outside!


  • Dip the caramelized tips into any finish of your choice: dessicated coconut for a tropical touch; toasted seame seeds, finely chopped basil, or mixed fresh herbs; gremola; chopped dried tomatoes flakes, milled peppercorns, chopped nuts of your choice…
  • Don’t make the caramel too dark or else it will taste burnt.
  • Use wooden lollipop sticks for an authentic feel or use toothpicks and serve on wooden beard.
  • Serve with cold white or Rosé wines along with a bowl of torn and seasoned buffalo mozzarella pieces.

The birth of Pierrot Gourmand:

At the end of the XIXth century, the famous actor Debourreau created and played his own pantomime on the melody of  “Au clair de  la lune“. The personage Pierrot inspired Adolphe Willette, an artist to create a poetic Pierrot. He was referred to as “le Pierrot de Montmartre“. In 1892 Monsieur Everard of Everard and Herbert industries gave birth to a marquette of Pierrot sitting on the moon, offering bonbons to children.  And so Pierrot Gourmand was born.

The first lollipop was invented by Everard in 1924, made of barley sugar, fruit flavors, cola and caramel and shaped in the form of a spear head. The milky caramel was the first flavor on the market. Up until today Pierrot Gourmand lollipops still exist in both the round and original spear head shape.  With a production of over 2000 tons of candy per year, the fifties was regarded as the golden years for Pierrot Gourmand. Today it is part of the Agro-industriel-andros group, well known for its Andros jams and juices.

More reading on Pierrot gourmand:

* Adolphe Willett, the Pierrot of Montmartre.

*   “Souvenirs d’une p’tite Parisienne“.

Pierrot Gourmand, un siècle de création sucrée », Cherche Midi Editeur

..à bientôt mes amis!..


10 thoughts on “French Pierrot Gourmand bonbons et sucettes(lollipops)

  1. Ronelle, I have never thought of this and I have to admit that it looks delicious! Your photo of the tomatoes is beautiful…the tomatoes look so yummy and healthy!


  2. Very interesting! I love learning things like that about the French and their history. Thanks, Ronelle.


  3. Ronelle, your tomatoes are delightful and a perfectly lovely. I just bought a book on French aperitifs and I was hoping it would have some ideas like this after the drink section. I must say their ideas were few and not nearly so enchanting as these tomatoes.

    I’m also so glad to know the story of Pierre Gourmand and the lollipop. He makes me smile and every time I see him now I will think of you and this charming story.


  4. What a delicious and unique appetizer, Ronelle! My cherry tomato plant is flourishing right now so this idea will be tried soon. How I wish I had a Pierrot on which to serve them as adorably as you did. I love his sweet smile 🙂


  5. @ Ingrid: thank you…I think you will like them as you like everything Mediterranean?

    @Caterina B: I’m glad you liked it…I also love hearing and reading about cultures..always inspiring.

    @ Monique: Yes, I love my little Pierrot…and my children loves the lollipops he always offers on the counter, especially the caramel…mmm…me too!

    @ Sam: thank you for such a lovely compliment..yes, sometimes we browse through a book in the store and when we get home and start digging deeper, it is a disappointment..I have many of those.

    @ Susan: If you seriously want one, let me know, I can send you a Pierrot?

    @ HollyeatsinFrance: I know it sounds weird, but really, try only one…it is surprisingly delicious, everybody here eats it.

    Thank you for visiting everyboyd…I appreciate the time you took to stop by or leave a comment.



  6. Ronelle, the strangest coincidence just happened to me. I was tidying up the guest room and picked up the wastebasket to empty it. There was a small brown thing in the bottom of the basket. I pulled it out and Lo,! it was a Pierrot Gormand lollypop! Brown wrapper, tiny clown head, and when I opened it carefully I saw that is it the “original spear shape.” I couldn’t believe my eyes! Hubby is out mowing the lawn but I carried the lollypop outside and said, “Where did this come from?” He said, “I have been carrying that thing around in my “bag” for months. It was the last thing left in a Christmas basket at work and I decided to try it. Then I forgot about it and the other day I threw it in the trash.” I (me) had seen pictures of that little clown somewhere in my life but never paid too much attention. I think I was confusing it with “The Little Prince,” or something, I have not shown hubby that it is spear shaped. He will find that interesting, too. I will have him read your entire post when he comes in the house to cool off. Thanks for that interesting interlude in our Sunday lives! Now I am going to photograph it with and without the wrapper and put the photo on my photo page just to illustrate how life surprises me sometimes, actually often.


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