Yesterday was hot. Very very hot. I thought I was going to melt. Here in the southwest of France we are “au niveua 2 du canicule” (level 2 heatwave). In Paris everybody is in water…by the Eiffel, in die seine, in the fountains. We are drinking water by the tons, the ice cream shelves shelves are empty. We are thirsty and hot and sticky. We are like limp fish. But it isn’t the worst heat I’ve known, so I don’t complain..pretty soon it will be dark European winter days and I will miss this heat.

In the meantime, there are many ways to keep cool. One of them of course is eating cool meals…like sipping cold gazpacho!

Une petite pensée:

  • I don’t add bread to the gazpacho, but I love to serve it with croutons sprinkled on top. Omit the croutons and mix some country bread together with the vegetable mix.
  • Serve with vegetables cut into small dice(cucumber, peppers, spring onions)
  • Serve with a cocktail stick of goats cheese, cherry tomato, basil leaf.
  • Serve topped with a spoonful of scraped iced tomato juice.
  • Use a celery branch to stir.
  • Add cubes of ice in each glass
  • Serve in rustic Spanish glasses for the best effect.

A visit to Brive la Gaillarde..Les rues, des petits chemins, un bistro, la collegiale St. MArtin, lesboputis(quilts), l’architecturte et les fontaines..voilà Brive la Gaillarde a Corréze.

From an overheated Vallée de la Dordogne…à bientôt!


6 thoughts on “Gaspacho! with crisp Iberian ham and a walk in Brive la Gaillarde, Corréze.

  1. A refreshing and scrumptious gazpacho! Perfect when the temperatures are suffocating…

    What a great place. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.




  2. C’est beau Ronelle..I would love vto visit:) That cake shop is so cute!
    I don’t add bread to my gazpacho either..Love your toppings:)

    Thanks for tehearmchair travel..Jacques told me it was so hot in France these days..~

    Take good care..


  3. Gazpacho en verre! Perfect for a day like that.Here? Well, the cold westerly wind is suggesting a spicy -hot omellette for lunch. Indoors!:-)


  4. I had to smile when I got to the part about watering the plants with the pot of water. Wonderful idea and one I should practice myself – especially with the hot, dry summer we had. Our weather has cooled down, thankfully, as I’m sure yours will as well. Your gazpacho sounds delicious!


  5. Gazpacho is always a welcome treat when it’s hot and yours is spectacular. It reminds me of a cocktail. Love the visit to Brive la Gaillarde. I feel like I’ve walked along the streets right beside you.


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