I initially thought I would post a recipe for “du vin chaud” (mulkled wine), to celebrate the last of my fall colour posts. But then I “fell” upon this recipe..red cabbage..beetroot…apples…pork fillet..and it won me over. So here I give you the  voluptuous, dark reds of beetroot and purple cooked cabbage, lazy late-fall plums instead of apples and a juicy, tender pork fillet.

Une pincée de fleur de sel:

  • I used late season red plums, but use apples if you prefer.
  • Use cider vinegar instead of red wine vinegar if you use apples.
  • Add a handful of dry  Gobi berries.
  • Avoid cooking the cabbage to death… remove from the heat when it still has a bite, because it continues cooking, reaching the perfect stage while standing a bit.
  • Also good with veal.
  • If you are vegetarian,  the pork can be replaced by large roasted or stuffed mushrooms, or fish fillets.
  • Can also accompany a frittata or boiled eggs.

Recipe adapted from “Filet mignon de porc, chou poêlé; des recettes pour reçevoir; le grand livre Hachette.”

Yesterday was  Beaujolais Thursday, the day when new Beaujolais and le vin primeur of the season are sold worldwide.  It is tradition in our house to have a meal somewhere with a glass of Beaujolais. It is a day I always look forward to and this year was no different. It is also the last post of my autumn color inspiration and I can’t think of a better way to end it than to toast the wine reds of nature with a young Beaujolais 2012..

..Tchin tchin..!

And so, with a touch of sadness  I say good bye to the splendour of fall. It is time to move on.

à trés bientôt!


11 thoughts on “Red cabbage with plums and beetroot..and Beaujolais wines amidst hues of red.

  1. I always get hungry when I read your posts – both for the food as well as for doing more photography. Ronelle, you are an inspiration!


  2. Delicious post:-)
    Rich in everything Ronelle:-) Love seeing the palette also:-)


  3. à Rosa: Thank you..I don’t have many props, I use my everyday stuff.

    à Toni: He he , Thank you..get out there and satisfy your hunger with your camera, much safer!

    à Monique: thank you..hope you are painting too on your holiday?

    à Karen: thanks, cabbage has never been one of my favorite foods, but beetroot is, and so this way I actually enjoy cabbage too..
    Thank you everybody!


  4. We look forward the Beaujolais in November each year too. Don’t you love it when a recipe just grabs you and won’t let go? Love all of your pretty autumn photos Ronelle.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  5. Sounds wonderful. I love all these things individually, so the combination will be divine. I can’t wait to try it.
    Your posts leave me hungry and inspired!
    Beautiful photography, as well.


  6. I am so glad I decided to have you send your posts to my email. How beautiful this post is. But, I just can’t give up on the color just yet. As long as it is still out there for me to enjoy, that is what I just have to do. Fall is my favorite and I hate to see it go.


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