The regulars here on Myfrenchkitchen will by now know how much I love an apéro(apéritif), or amuse bouche, or the spanish tapas.. On weekends it is standard practice in our home to have a glass of wine before dinner with an apéro. I hope one day in heaven there will be some apéros awaiting me on weekends- that and good coffee-or else I will take my business elsewhere…

As all the regulars will alos know, is that everything on Myfrenchkitchen is simple, as these salmon amuses bouches clearly show. The only requisite is “l’envie”, the desire to make it and enjoy it.

apple salmoin amuse bouche 04-10-2013 12-50-19 2462x2106 La Recette:

  1. Cut 140 g smoked salmon into thin strips, about 2cm wide. If possible, use wild salmon, which is much stronger in flavour. If you have your own gravlax that you made, all the better. Wash and cut green 1 large Granny Smith apple(unpeeled) into matchtsticks. Drizzle liberally with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Wash a few branches of fresh dill.
  3. Roll about 5 matchsticks of apple and a tiny branch of dill in a strip of salmon.
  4. Arrange on a platter, sprinkle with freshly milled pepper and decorate with lemon slices, dill flowers and serve with cold white wine, rosé, sparkling wine or champagne.
  5. One large Granny Smith apple and 140g smoked salmon (4 slices) make about 14 amuse bouche.Provide for 3 – 4 helpings per person if it is the only apéritif served.

Serves 3-4 people.

Pincée de fleur de sel:

  • Use fresh fennel or fresh chertvil instead of dill.
  • Add a dollop of sour cream or crème fraìche when rolling the salmon.
  • Serve with a bowl of mayonniase or crème fraîche as an accompanying dip.
  • Use other fruits in season and use smoked ham instead of salmon.

apple matchsticks 04-10-2013 11-13-33 3644x2914

Since we are in the greens today…the hydrangeas are beautiful at the moment with nuances of green and salmon. Two Granny smith apples complete the picture in the barn.

green hydrangeas and apples 04-10-2013 13-46-16 3132x3157

..Green is one of the colours I love for setting tables outside. And blue. And red. And of course white. And ochre. Well, for that matter, all colours! I have a few things here at Coin Perdu which we often use for dining on the terrace in summer: rustic green rimmed glasses, old bottles, green fun plates, green banana lreaf bowls, green pottery bowls..

green crockery 04-10-2013 15-18-59 3467x3122

..Some small wild apples live in harmony with berries and egglantine rosehips..

wild apples 04-10-2013 13-39-08 3994x3030

..the birds don’t shy away from digging into the small wild apples..

wild apples 04-10-2013 13-42-19 3152x2817

..and neither do the horses..

horses 20 28-08-2013 19-17-26 3923x3127

..when going through my artwork in search of painted apples, I realized I have almost nothing. I had to rectify that immediately with a sketch. Green is a difficult colour. So many shades of it in nature. The challenge lies in creating your own green from yellows and blues with touches of reds and purples. That way you get much richer and interesting greens than the greens directly from the tube.

apples aqua

..à bientôt!.


10 thoughts on “Salmon, apple and dill amuse bouche…and a touch of green.

  1. Comme toujours..j’adore:)
    If I am in heaven before you..and if ..I am granted heaven..
    I’ll have a chilled glass of wine and a treat waiting for now I know:)
    Maybe I could do art classes with you and my mom as teachers:)since we’ve spoken of heaven now I feel I can mention this:)

    I love all the photos..can’t believe you put the tray on one of your toiles..but striking and beautiful!
    I bought a small starter set of oils..see the influence you have..
    All the pics are wonderful Ronelle as well as the art. That seed head pops off the corner of the screen:) The beloved easel of yours..etc..
    Bon Weekend~


  2. Jou fotos weer-eens pragtig soos altyd Ronelle! Hou van die komposisies met pragtige kleure! My gunsteling foto is die een met die groen eetgerei en die geel blommetjies in die glas botteltjie. Perde foto, wilde appels foto en waterverf so mooi. Jou krismis rose se kleure so interresant.


  3. How did you know I needed an appetizer for tomorrow and had salmon in the fridge!THIS IS PERFECTO!!!
    Thank you too for your lovely comment at the HEN HOUSE!


  4. à Monique: Merci..heureusement, c’est une toile ratée..and so happy you’ll see to my apéro in heaven..hehe! I love seeing your watercolours and pretty soon, I hope we’ll see your oils too!

    à Tinywhitecottage: Thank you!

    à Ingrid: Dankie Ingrid..ek is lief vir al my groen eetgerei, lekker pret vir somer.

    à Rosa: Thank you, yes, the apple and salmon do go well together.

    à Dianne: I love lunchtime!

    à contessa: thank you and I Love browsing your HenHhouse too..

    à Sam:Thanks you, that is a lovely compliment!

    à Sharon: Thank you Sharon, likewise!

    Merci à tous!


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