This year we have only but un petit Noël. We are in the process of moving home and want to be finished by end of December. Typical. Waiting until the last minute to get a lot of things done. And so Noël will have to stand over to next year when I will make up for it in our new home here at Coin Perdu(hopefully restored and liveable by that time..)

To have at least some Christmas spirit in our current barn/home, I put up a branch with some decorations which weren’t packed away too deep. The result is a very rustic tree…and what do you know..without planning it, it turned into a story tree! I am now very chuffed with our impromptu story tree!

noël 2013  3386x3066-001

“One day…in a forest far, far in the cold North, was a large forest where the animals roamed gay and free. It was a magical world, undisturbed and quiet, with soft snowflakes sifting gently to the ground and covering the landscape in a coat of white glitter. There were  three quaint little houses with strawberry red walls. Birds were visiting freely, dropping letters through the windows of the three strawberry houses, where  Pére Noël and his elves would sort and read them; while laughing, singing and dancing and working. Then one silent night , the reindeer broke through the darkness with bells and glitter and song,  a hearty laugh echoed through the forest as Pére Noël waved his hand to his family, on his way through a sky of shooting stars to deliver happiness and joy to an outside world.”

..the forest was filled with birds and ice and mosss and lichens..

noël 2013  3336x3092-001

…and the elves worked while they danced and sung merry songs..

noël 2013  3679x3051-001

..the reindeer were ready, waiting…

Noel 2013 4044x3239

Three quaint houses with strawberry red walls..

noël 2013  3761x3259-001

..and the skies were bright with shooting stars..

noël 2013  4151x3249-001

May you all,  on that dark night when the stars will be extra bright and you hear a hearty laugh,  receive countless gifts of happiness and joy!!

noël 2013  4410x3244-001

Joyeux Noël


14 thoughts on “Joyeux Noël 2013!

  1. How sweet dear Ronelle.
    What a pleasure to have come to know you through blogging..
    Your tree is delightful..the little elves charming.
    I still cherish a little balck chalkboard heart.. 🙂
    Listening to Rod Stewart as I type..just finished preparing asian stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner..cocooning on this snowy ..wintry day~your post is a sweet surprise..
    My warmest wishes of the season to you..pour toujours:)


  2. So…’re moving into the “main” house on your current property, or is “Coin Perdu” in a different location? Sorry, I just don’t remember. At any rate, that is exciting news. Will you please post photos?
    Feliz Navidad!


  3. CHUFFED.Thats a new word for me!Your tree is magical………..I remember when you started out in the barn…….how long has it been two years?Time is going faster and faster for me……MERRY CHRISTMAS.I just know yours will be extra special.


  4. I love your story tree and the story is charming, Ronelle. Everything you touch turns out artistic and beautiful 🙂 Those little elves so so precious!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and good luck with the rest of the move and unpacking!


  5. Simply precious! Thank you for sharing your magic – all year long! No matter what is going on in your life, you always spread joy and beauty.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo


  6. Thank you Monique! And all the same to you.. While I am packing, I am finding your treasures too..the lovely little bookmarks and your cup and sauce which reminds me of noel..

    Have a wonderful season! bisous

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  7. Hi Caterinea…and a houeux noel to you too! Yes, we are moving from our house by the Loire south to Coin Perdu and we hope yo move into the main house next year. Will post some images of the whole process! Have a very happy season! Warmest

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  8. Thank you… Yes, it has already been a while, but hopefulley next year I wil be in a HOUSE, hehe. Oh, I love the word says it all! Have a happy season and we’ll speak in the new year!


    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


  9. Thank you Dana..I can say the same for/o fyou. Thank you for a lovely friend I have in you. Have a wonderful season and may 2104 be everything you want it to be! Bises

    Ronelle Myfrenchkitchen Coin Perdu Africantapestry Caf des artistes


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