*It seems my previous post of January  has been re-emailed to my subscribers last night..It is a mystery….I promise it is not of my doing and I have no idea how it could have happened. I have never emailed a post twice, but  I apologize and I trust all my regular readers know me by now and would have realized that it was a glitch.

An anchoïade(anchovy cream) is a big favorite of mine…that and aïoli (garlic cream). In summer it is frequently on our tables, served as an apéro with a cold glass of rosé wine.

anchoiade 2823x2257


Anchoïade (anchovy cream)

  1. Everything is made to taste…
  2. Use 100g of anchovy fillets in olive oil, or marinated in wine.
  3. Place it in a mortar and pestle, or in a mixer/handmixer.
  4. Add about 10 capers, 1 large garlic clove with the inner core removed, 1/2 TBSP white wine vinegar, 1 tsp Provencal herbs and milled pepper.
  5. Mix together while slowly adding olive oil until it turns to a nice, firm paste.
  6. Taste and add a little more white wine or capers or herbs.
  7. Serve with crusty bread or vegetables as starter or an amuse bouche.


  • Add a small tsp of sundried tomato paste to the anchoïade.
  • Add a few black seeded olives when grinding or mixing the anchoïade.
  • Add the olive slowly, like you would do for mayonnaise to prevent the oil from seeping out later and the paste becoming runny and oily.
  • Keeps in the fridge for 5 days.
  • Make it the previous day to allow the flavours to develop.
  • Using fresh anchovies can be done, but I find it a hassle to remove all the very fine bones.

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I have been occupied by other things this first part of the year, one of which was moving home and finding place for everything that needs storage until our house is finished here at Coin Perdu. Every nook in the barn is filled with something which needed to be “stored”. I have never been so challenged in finding a spot for everything. I can proudly announce that I have indeed found a resting place for everything, from a chair to a pillow case. Just in case you are wondering if we can still move about, I give you a shot of our kitchen corner in the barn where we were busy preparing a dinner for 10 people a while ago. So yes, we even still have room for a table and 10 guests in the barn.

barn kirchen 4928x3264


In the meantime, spring has crept up on us. the days are longer, the sun is bright and warm, nature is exploding in colour and I am glowing with contentment. winter is behind me. even if we still have colder days, I revel in the fact that I am in spring and summer for the wonderful months to come!

 ..my borage never stopped flowering this winter, a sign of our unusual, mild winter…

Printemps 2014 3850x2572


..Working in March with many teabreaks in the sun..

Printemps  work  014 3755x3178 3755x3178

..and a tea break always leads to a nap..

Printemps work 2014 3471x2868

..the first paperwhites, perfect in beauty..

Printemps 2014 2883x2878

..the cyanothes, waiting to explode in blue flowers..

Printemps 2014 2919x2466

..happy chickens as company…

Printemps 2014 3301x2720

..Jack Frost with its clouds of blue forget me not- flowers..

Printemps 2014 3341x2832


Printemps 2014 3494x2862


Printemps 2014 3560x3086

..Plum blossoms..

Printemps 2014 4084x3193


Printemps 2014 2268x2348

à la prochaine fois



13 thoughts on “Anchoïade ( anchovy cream)..and hopes of spring.

  1. Lovely fresh post..beautiful girl..oh so charming kitchen..and the blooms:)
    I must admit that lounging shape on the banket ..make the scene even more idyllic!


  2. Yes, it is so wonderful when spring finally arrives! You must have a benign climate there in France. What zone are you in? It is amazing that your borage never stopped blooming all winter and that so many flowers are blooming. I only say that because I live where spring takes a long time to arrive at 7,150 feet elevation in the Colorado Rockies.
    I like your crowded kitchen, Ronelle, and your daughter really is so beautiful. It’s lovely to have a beautiful daughter, I know!
    Will you show us photos of the house remodeling, please. What a picturesque life you have there in France. I love reading your posts. Thanks!
    I look forward to seeing the magazine article in English, too.


  3. I forgot to mention that I ordered a DVD of “Le Tete en Friche.” I loved that movie. Just my kind of story! Here in the US it was titled, “My Afternoons with Marguerite.” I will view it many times more just for the sweetness of it.


  4. Weer ‘n fees van ‘n “post”!!!! Julle tuin lyk so mooi en die hoenders is spekvet en gesond!!! Ons het sooooooo lekker gekuier daar by jou! Die tyd het net te vinnig verby gegaan…. 🙂 Alles is so mooi daar by julle en julle “barn” blyplek is “stunning”…Ons kinders het alles net so baie geniet!



  5. Hi Ronell,
    So nice to receive something from MyFrenchKitchen again. I thought something went wrong with a system somewhere thus being the reason for the “silent site”.
    Very warm regards from a sunny South Africa…..


  6. So glad to have received a new post. Amazingly beautiful photos as usual, Ronelle!


  7. Spring is finally beginning in earnest here also, thankfully! Even more beautiful and lush there. I love Caesar Salad dressing so I know I would love this delicious anchovy cream.


  8. Looks like the internet or something is acting up again, Ronelle. I just got a reposting of the anchovy cream post today, April 24th!


  9. While some of your readers are getting a reposting, I just got the your cake post in my WordPress reader and this spring post had not shown up. Anyway, I’m happy to have found your lovely post…spring is such a pretty time of the year.


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