We are outside. Non stop. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. The days are wonderfully warm, sunny. The cigales are crazily announcing summer in the meadows. I am crazily happy.

Taking our meals outside in summer is a given. Preparing it outside is a given too. These tomato and goats cheese apéros ( appetizers)do it both ways. It is prepared by the barbeque fire. It is grilled on the fire. It is eaten by the fire. An ice cold dry rosé wine and life is crazily wonderful.

croustillant de tomate et chevre 2861x2353La recette:

tomato and goats cheese squares

Pincée de fleur de sel:

  • Use feta cheese instead of goat’s cheese.
  • Use feuille de brick, if available, which is not as thin and delicate as phyllo pastry.
  • Add some flaked fish of your choice or add a sardine, in which case you can use dill or coriander instead of basil.
  • Use other herbs of your choice..
  • Leave out the tomato and add fresh spinach leaves and dry roasted pine nuts for a more Greek flavour.
  • To serve as something sweet with coffee after  barbeque…roll chocolates, chopped nuts of your choice and a mint leaf  in the pastry sheets, treat the same way on the coals and enjoy with coffee around the fire.

croustillant de tomate et chevre 3065x2880

Place at an appropriate distance above the coals on a grill.

croustillant de tomate et chevre 4304x3264

Brush with a home made rosemary brush and olive oil.

croustillant de tomate et chevre 3710x2947

We visited friends in Bretagne and were treated in typical Breton fashion to a wealth of cuisine Bretonne. Seafoods galore, vegetables, notably carrottes Nantaises( of which I have planted in my potager), crépes and galettes, sablés, far breton, quatre quart, kouign amann, cidre, beignets, butter, butter, butter… It is truly a good thing we don’t live in  Bretagne for I would have rolled instead of walked. Fortunately, we did a lot of walking to fight the calories. I invite you now on some of our promenades around Rennes and the seaside villages of Tharon and Pornic.

Bretagne in June  4928x3264-005

Promenades en mer…boat trips.

Bretagne in June  4928x3264-003

The port of Pornic is quaint and with the perfect summer weather we had, the whole world crept out of their shells comme les escargots de leurs coquilles(like snails from their shells).

Bretagne in June  4928x3264-004

Le blanc du nil is a well known chain store in the French seaside villages. They sell only white cotton and linen clothes and I love it for the prices and the loose summer dresses, shirts and slacks and skirts. And of course the all white look makes you feel cool and light. And a little chic too…

Bretagne in June  2899x3614

The walkway was filled with people, basking in summer sun, seeking out some dappled shade and licking dripping ice creams. We did too.

Bretagne in June  4227x2942

A lonesome Canna lily adding some charm to an ordinary signpost indicating the way to the hotel de Ville of Pornic.

Bretagne in June  3264x4928

Back in Tharon, it was time for eating again, something we did too much of , but  enjoyed so much! The boulangerie Tharonnaise is comfortably just a walk down the road where one doesn’t mind queuing for all the bakes delicacies I mentioned above.

Bretagne in June  3588x2891

One of those wonderful delicious sinful and dangerous cakes, is the kouign amann, for which Bretagne is known for. I DO plan on baking it, sharing it with you, I REALLY DO! But only after I lost the 3 kg I picked up after eating it in Bretagne! Typical Ronelle style, one slice was not enough…It is literally a butter cake and a little challenging on the making-side: made  with bread dough and folded like puff pastry with loads of butter and sugar which, during the baking process, gives you a devilishly, deliciously, flaked caramelized cake.

Bretagne in June  4288x3208

One of our outings was also just down the road…a regular vide grenier in Tharon. As you can see below..one man’s junk becomes another man’s fortune. We found some fortunes there too…

Bretagne in June  4928x3264-002

Of course we visited the beach with its colourful cabanes which mostly belong to the inhabitants of Tharon and gets unlocked every season to let out the sunscreens and chairs and umbrellas and beachballs…

Bretagne in June  4263x3018

As  is shown below…the beach umbrella and bags and towels and  kiddies were let out of the colourful cabanes.. well, maybe not the kiddies…

Bretagne in June  3638x2630I fell in love with these original fishing platforms, les pêcheries et leurs cabanes

Bretagne in June  4053x3059

A close up..

Bretagne in June 2588x2165

A lunch  of langoustines, and lemon mayonnaise with  baguettes from la boulangerie and accompanied by a crisp white wine.

Bretagne in June  3971x2977

In Rennes the géraniums on the windowsills paraded shamelessly  in their beauty and gaiety.

Bretagne in June  3264x4225

We had a schedule to follow in Rennes, a to-do list that kept us on a quick run. Nonetheless we found the time for a pit stop in the centre ville to have un café créme et un allongé, while we drooled at seeing the bar à crépe which was just opening its doors early morning. Next time.

Bretagne in June  4458x3244

Centre ville  in Rennes.

Bretagne in June  4928x3264


Bretagne in June  4928x3264-001

Hope you had fun on this promenade. And I hope you on your turn drooled at the tomato and goat’s cheese apéro’s. Maybe enough to make them. I should probably have given you an exciting recipe from Bretagne, as the post asks for….but what are rules made for, if not to be broken? I greet you as always….

Bretagne in June  4131x2939

…à la prochaine fois…


14 thoughts on “Grilled tomato and goats cheese squares..and Bretagne(Brittany) in June

  1. I really enjoyed this post Ronelle….thank you for sharing it with us! The photo of you and Hartman is beautiful! Daai prawns met die suurlemoen en mayonaise en baguette brood lyk soooo lekker! My mond water…! Kan nie wag vir die resep van die “kouign amann” koek nie! Klink so lekker! Hmmmm….! ( Ek en Christine op die oomblik in Pennsylvania by Arno. Het twee en ‘n halwe weke vakansie….so lekker! Ek gesels weer wanneer ons by die huis is!) Liefde Ingrid xx 🙂


  2. Fantastic post, a little bit of everything, lovely to see some of the coast of Bretagne..
    The tomato & goats cheese squares will be a must to try when my son & his family arrive in July. Lovely photo of you & your husband, such a handsome couple.


  3. I agree you look so lovely the both of you!
    Belle fille !!

    The fishing platforms are great..a bit like ours on ice,,LOL..
    I am sure i would have a little bag full at that vide grenier..
    Tu sais Nancy ma copine.. sa belle-maman avait un de ces “Beach Cabanas” en Normandie..
    Nancy retourne souvent..elle a encore de la famille en Normandie…
    Your little bites look delicioso!


  4. Soon, abundant fresh herbs and tomatoes will be available form my little garden to make these wonderful grilled packages. They look delicious!

    What a lovely getaway you had with your husband! I love all of the photos and especially the one of the two of you 🙂 I will anxiously await your post about Kouign-Amann if you decide to make them. I have saved a recipe after the first time I saw those flaky, buttery bites.


  5. Merci Monique…I would love to see those ice fishing holes!
    Et t’inquiete…normandy est juste a cote la Bretagne…pas trop differente…oh dear, don’t let them hear me saying that!
    I didn’t know Nancy still comes to Normandy…quel bonheur.


  6. Hi Ronelle. Seems your post is being reposted. Anyway I wanted to comment and say that I liked this idea and was thinking that I might use wonton wrappers instead of puff pastry sheets. Would that be as delicious? What do you think?
    Would I love to pick through those blue bins for some interesting china bits!
    What an interesting place you live in!


  7. Hin Caterine…yes, I saw that it was posted again. Once again not my doping..
    I havenever tried wonton wrappers, but I amsure they can wxork as well..don’t know how well they will grill, but why not try it?


  8. I would never have thought to cook your little tomato and goat cheese squares on a grill but they sound delicious. Your wonderful photos of Brittany have me yearning to dig out my passport.


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