This December was busy. It was filled with sadness of saying goodbye to loved ones. But happiness made its appearance too, as life always tosses a coin with two sides.

As always, I love Christmas. This was out first year alone without the children, but it was just as much fun. I love Christmas and this year was no different, in spite of us being without out children. We prepared as if we were about to receive the whole world at out house. Of course our door stayed open to whomever wanted to enter.We made it warm and welcoming with our yearly Christmas tree, many candles to light for those we love and those we  share the world with. And we gave special attention to our Christmas meals, preparing what we love and sat at our candle lit tables with so much gratitude in our hearts for all we receive in such abundance, especially the love.

33 years-002

We drove around to all the marchés de Noël and the fêtes de chataigne, the apple festival, the  brocantes de Noël. We had coffee and croissants at our special places, we had a fantastic meal for our 33rd anniversary. We went for an apéro on horseback and stayed so late that we rode back in the dark, trusting the horses to find the road. We started a new tradition: handing a little cadeau de noël to our neighbours down the road. We cried crocodile tears listening to sad music while we remember, just because that’s what we do on Noël…in short, we had so much fun and laughter..I felt like a  teenage girl with jumping emotions! Life was good to us this December.

Noël at coin Perdu

Noel 2015

December 2015

Christmas eve in white.

Diner de Noel 2015-002

Scallops with parsnips and parsley sauce.

Diner de Noel 2015-003

Lobster with beurre blanc and black truffle risotto.

Diner de Noel 2015-004

Pavlova with mint cream and caramelized clementines.

Diner de Noel 2015-005

Christmas evening was our winter forest.

Diner de Noel 2015-006

My faves at the borcante de Noël.

Gramat et brocante (1)Gramat et brocante (2)

GramatChristmas lights in the alleys of Gramat.

Gramat et brocante (3)

Marché de Noël at Meyssac

Marche noel meyssac 152

Leftover dessert is always a good thing.

pavlova aux clementines-003

Enjoy the arrival of 2016.

à bientôt



23 thoughts on “Noël at Coin Perdu.

  1. I always enjoy your posts and a glimpse of your life through your artistic eyes. You make everything beautiful. May joy be your companion for the coming year. Happy New Year.


  2. Oh how divine … Thank you as always for sharing vignettes of your life … It looks like a wonderful Christmas as was ours here in London but oh, so different ! May the new year bring you and yours happiness, health and peace.


  3. I love your writing, your photos, and your sensibility. Thanks for letting me share in your Christmas – and for sharing a photo of you and your husband. If you ever find yourself in San Diego, let’s prepare a meal together!
    Happy New Year, Ronell!


  4. Qu’elle belle fete et quel délicieux menu! Boone Annee dear Ronelle! Bisous. xoxo fifi


  5. What a beautiful couple you make! So happy to read you again. Your blog is very special. Happy New Year!!!


  6. Mais c’est magnifique comme toujours Ronelle..
    Pour moi,c’est feuilleter la plus belle revue .
    Vous avez l’air bien et beau!
    Meilleurs Voeux de Jacques et moi~


  7. I saw your TABLE on INSTAGRAM and SWOONED………….I did note it was set for TWO!
    LOVE The photo of YOU and your HUSBAND!
    Love the new lay out for your blog!EXCEPT where is all your ARTWORK NOW?
    HAPPY NEW YEAR……………….I ‘m trying to get myself to FRANCE this year!BUT the ITALIAN husband is SO…………better not say!Off to PILATES now……………..dont know why I go I just keep getting BIGGER but I do like it!


  8. What a lovely Christmas…your home looks so beautiful and your meals delicious. For some reason I’ve still not been receiving a notification of your posts so I’ve resubscribed. Wishing you and your family all the best in this new year.


  9. Hi Karen
    Thank yo for the lovely compliment.
    That is so strange? I have to say that I haven’t posted for quite some time…
    I can only suggest that you unscribe and then subscribe again? Hope it works.

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  10. That is exactly what I’ve done Ronell. Hopefully whenever you post, I’ll be notified as I always enjoy reading what is happening in your world. 🙂

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