Urgent need in Haiti and many others…

Please make a donation to the relief of the awful  disaster in Haiti, but be careful of online donations. There are already many scam emails going around asking for donations. The safest way is to make a donation to a well known organisation or do it by mail or phone to a known organisation in your area.

And please, don’t forget other countries that are also in need of help.  Make it a habit to give a little something maybe every month? There are so many who need help out there..a little drop each time leads to a full bucket…

The Red cross is a good example, they can also be contacted to find your nearest branch.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies

British Red Cross

Croix Rouge Francaise

Fondation de France

American Red Cross

South African Red Cross society

Australian Red Cross

Medecins sans frontieres, which is an excellent organisation…….thanks to Kate at Serendipity for adding it!

How to help Haiti