Please make a donation to the relief of the awful  disaster in Haiti, but be careful of online donations. There are already many scam emails going around asking for donations. The safest way is to make a donation to a well known organisation or do it by mail or phone to a known organisation in your area.

And please, don’t forget other countries that are also in need of help.  Make it a habit to give a little something maybe every month? There are so many who need help out there..a little drop each time leads to a full bucket…

The Red cross is a good example, they can also be contacted to find your nearest branch.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies

British Red Cross

Croix Rouge Francaise

Fondation de France

American Red Cross

South African Red Cross society

Australian Red Cross

Medecins sans frontieres, which is an excellent organisation…….thanks to Kate at Serendipity for adding it!

How to help Haiti


14 thoughts on “Urgent need in Haiti and many others…

  1. This is the reason why I can’t still decide how to make a donation. Here in Ukraine even Red Cross is not reliable ….


  2. Great post. So many ways to help and draw attention. And if people don’t have money , then clothes, food, time, etc. Many don realize you can give small amounts monthly like a few dollars or Euros via a payment schedule that will be a on going gift.


  3. Jy is absoluut dierbaar, en na my tragiese ondervinding het ek absoluut empatie met die mense. Dankie vir die info


  4. Great reminder of everything..Lavasoft..a pop up came on my computer asking for donations..It really is going to make all kinds of organizations try to help..some will be good..some not so good..The good shall outnumber the bad..

    Someone was in the post office yesterday complaining about the postal service(Pas moi..I promise!!) I thought to myself.. and then said to the nice postal clerk..I cannot imagine getting so frustrated over such a small issue !! I just had Haiti in mind thinking..stop looking at me sir..I won’t agree with you:) This is petty.


  5. We are trying to absorb the tapestry of tragedies we read about, see, and hear on NPR, and it is beyond comprehension. This puts so much into focus for us when we think of losing loved ones, an entire community, everything. Complete devastation compared to the person Monique mentioned who was griping about the postal service. Life and death versus inconvenience.

    We have complete confidence in Doctors Without Borders. Not as much trust in some others.

    Your photos of your atelier, kitchen, pantry, herb garden, etc. helped bring me great peace this morning. Thank you so much for sharing bits and pieces with all of us.

    With fondest good wishes,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  6. Ronelle dear,

    When you don’t post for a few days it gives me a chance to roam again through the pages of your blog.

    Lovely, lovely, and most inspirational. I’d love to write a book about ateliers. They always fascinate me.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  7. Thank you Sharon! Oh, I do so admire all of you who can come up with a post everyday! I don’t know you can get it done!

    And yes, you’re right. I think ateliers are even more personal than the kitchen or bedroom…it is that little space that comes from deep within it’s owner… a book would be a great idea!



  8. That’s amazing how you care, Ronelle.
    Even though this disaster is horrible, it’s beautiful how people from all over the world is rushing to help out.


  9. It’s lovely that you doing this. A little bit for us is an amazing help for them. Thanks Ronelle.


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