“It’s that time of year again, when food bloggers from all over the world join together, taking leave from our usual frivolity.  Throughout the year, we celebrate food as a source of joy, but for two weeks every December, we ask you, our readers, to help us support those who are not so lucky, to whom food is not a mere indulgence but a matter of survival.  This Menu for Hope is our small way to help.  Please join us…” Continue reading at Chez Pim

I am happy to participate in this event where all proceeds will go to the school lunch program in Lesotho, officially called “the Kingdom of Lesotho,” an enclave of South Africa. 

I am donating an original watercolour painting, of which the winner can choose between the two presented here. It can be shipped to any country. The prize code is UK31. If you’d like to be the owner of one of these paintings, please go to the donation site at Firstgiving to make your donation and get your raffle ticket. 

The list for the UK area is found here at Cook Sister and at The passionate cook.

See the complete global list here at Chez Pim.

Pears watercolour 25cm x 30, 5cm signed by Ronell van Wyk


Watermelon watercolour 25cm x 30,5 cm signed by Ronell van Wyk


8 thoughts on “Menu for Hope

  1. in this time of year and with all the things going on around the world we need more worthy cause like this…:-)

    ps, my you are such a great artist Ronell..my dad use to paint too thats after he had cataract..with his age he doesnt do anymore..but i still love looking at paintings be it with pastel, watercolor or oil…great work!!


  2. So, so glad to see that you are involved in this and that someone will end up with one of your beautiful paintings! With any luck it’ll be me!


  3. For some reason I can’t find your donation on any of the lists… and I really do want to specify one of your paintings with my raffle tickets. Any advice?


  4. Hi Ann

    Jeanne here – UK Menu for Hope host. Sorry – I didn’t know Ronell’s post was back up! The prize code for the painting is UK31 and I’m adding it to the UK prize hub now. Happy bidding 🙂


  5. In our world of wealth and plenty, it is discouraging to consider how many people do not share in the bounty. Thanks for highlighting Menu for Hope.

    (I have my virtual raffle tickets in hand and I’m already thinking about where I will hang that beautiful painting…)


  6. Hi,
    By total chance, I stumbled upon the site listing the winners from this past years Menu for Hope prizes and I found that I had won one of your water colors, which are beautiful. I am sure you tried to email me but it most likely got snagged by my spam blocker.

    I would love one of the prints to hang in my kitchen. Can you email me again and let me know what I need to do next?


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