I’ll eat soup any day. A consommé or creamy, spicy, rich, hearty, chunky, nutritious…nothing more satisfying than slowly sipping a hot soup spoon by spoon.

A quick, nutritious vegetable soup for an ordinary week night. Or for that time when you’re alone at home and feel like snuggling in front of the fireplace with a book or an old movie. And you make a big enough quantity, because tomorrow it will be even better.


Chunky vegetable soup.

No quantities are given. Just open up your veggie basket and throw a peak in the fridge, fiddle in the pantry and put together what you have available or feel in the mood for. I can tell you what I did.

I sauteéd some chopped shallots and leeks. I then added the chopped vegetables I dug out of the pantry –  2 tomatoes, 2 carrots, a handful of green beans, 1 sweet potato and a few mushrooms. I boiled about 3 large cups of water with 2 organic vegetable stock cubes and poured it over the vegetables, leaving it to soflty simmer for about 45 minutes.

Then I decided to give some substance to the soup, by throwing in a fistful of quinoa, a tablespoonful of sundried tomato bits. I also found some spinach leaves which I couldn’t leave behind and added them at the last minute. After some 10 minutes more, I tested for seasoning and drizzled lemon juice, wine vinegar and salt and pepper to my taste.

The fire was ablaze with invitation and I quickly cleaned the dishes, lit my tealights, called the cats, served myself a a generous helping of soup, drizzled some olive oil and cuddled up to watch “Fiddler on the Roof”, while sipping my soup spoon by spoon. 


9 thoughts on “Chunky vegetable soup

  1. What a lovely soup. I love chunky veg soup like this, too. And I almost always put tomato in it. 🙂


  2. this is what i need on this weekend like this..cloudy, cold and no sunshine..a big bowl of your chunky soup…i love the first photo..miam miam


  3. What a great site! I love this photo of vegetable soup. I have been meaning to make some for weeks, and I think your post just pushed me into finally doing so. I love soup, but living (for now) in West Africa means it is usually too hot to really think about soup. But veg soup is great because it is one thing you can make successfully anywhere in the world, using whatever is local and fresh.


  4. THese are the best kinds of soup – totally unrepeatable because you may never have that exact combo of ingredients in the fridge/pantry 🙂 I also love soup at this time of year – although when I get an evening alone to snuggle up in front of a movie of my choice, then I usually go for a steaming bowl of spicy lentils as my treat!


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