Today was a romantic day. A soft rain was misting over the Loire, colouring the light to a translucent gray. It was a monochrome painting, a grisaille, an underpainting preparing the canvas for colour. Much like art. It was a day of tones and values. The shadows were deep, the lights were light, the air was soft, feathered. A day of dimension whithout hues.

And so I took out the colour palette and started painting. A spattering of bright reds and luscious velvety burgundies, a drop of sensual translucent syrup. A dollop of stark white cream…a highlight…a shadow. Making food is preparing the canvas. Serving food is painting the canvas. Eating is appreciating the art.




loiregrey1-11-19-2008-2-40-03-pm loiregrey2-11-19-2008-2-51-26-pm

10 thoughts on ““Pain perdu” with red berries – painting the canvas

  1. I’m not a big breakfast fan, preferring just toast and coffee to start my day, but occasionally I crave a breakfast of “French toast.” Your berry compote would be a very delicious topping. (The river is high and muddy here, too, Ronell)


  2. Oh, Ronelle the life that you are living makes me so envious! I love this breakfast, ut sadly I am the only one… family likes the old fry up!


  3. You really are a multi-faceted artist – a real Renaissance woman! Love the look of that pain perdu – I don’t make it nearly often enough.


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