We are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow for ten days. I’m looking forward to this break – I am really a bit tired and fatigued! Maybe summer was just too much fun!

I didn’t want to buy extra food for dinner tonight. The point is after all to clean the fridge when leaving. I had broccoli in the fridge. And it is cold and raining. And I still have to pack and clean up. So dinner was to be a broccoli soup. Or rather…a velouté. I always have a problem with broccoli soup. I can never get it to be tasty. It always tastes like over cooked broccoli. Awful.

…velouté de brocoli et fleur de sel à la vanille…

broccoli vanilla soup 2

I sautéed two shalots in olive oil. Then added a big broccoli head with enough vegetable stock to cover the broccoli completely. I let it simmer until the broccoli stems were tender. Removed from the heat and with a hand blender, blended until smooth. I added some milk and a swirl of cream for thickness and mixed through, placed back on the heat and slowly brought back to boil and removed from the heat. I Seasoned with some vanilla salt(fleur de sel with scraped seeds from a vanilla seedpod) and a turn of the pepper mill. Still tasted bland. So I added a handful of chopped fresh tarragon, the grated skin of a lime, some lime juice to taste, and a drizzle of white balsamic vinegar. After mixing the soup again with the  handmixer, I strained it through a fine sieve to get a velouté. Tasted again. Not too bad, but still not what I’m looking for in a broccoli velouté. I served it warm in bowls with a dollop of mayonnaise and a last sprinkling of the vanilla fleur de sel. The maynnaise adds a nice touch to the soup I thought.

I’d love to try a nice broccoli soup recipe, because I DO love broccoli! So, If you’re reading here and you have a nice broccoli soup recipe, please leave a link to your recipe in the comment section, so we can all delight in what’s good! If you don’t have a link, you can shortly describe your recipe in the comments.

I’m off packing now and will be back beginning of October. Until then: Try, Test and Taste…always!

…trying to get to Hawaii…

trying to get to Hawai

17 thoughts on “Velouté de brocoli et fleur de sel à la vanille.

  1. I just made soup:) It will be on my little blog tomorrow peut-être..

    But in the same almost bowls:)

    I just wish I could paint comme vous:)

    How adorable!!If she had sturdier legs..she could be me.
    I love the ocean!I pack my Cotman’s..

    I need to start wearing an anklet:)I am so ancient I wore an ankh ring in my late teens:)

    I do as you do for my soups.. my vegetable is always simmered in a strong stock:) w/ some garlic..I sometimes add a potato..salt and pepper~

    In reading your recipe Ronelle..it should be divine..could your stock be too light?Perhaps you are too critical of your soup:) I think so..I love the addition of vanilla!

    C’est si bon!! As I love to say~

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaï~Paint and Paint:)


  2. Happy, delightful cartoon, Ronell. Here’s to Hawaii replenishment and exuberant sketching!


  3. Martie

    Dis reeds 17 September en dit reën en dit is koud. Ons het vanoggend begin stap maar moes omdraai. So I am goiing to make your veloutè de brocoli cette nuit peut-être pour déjeuner. Learning Italian at the moment so my French is not too good. Have not done French for quite a while. Geniet julle vakansie in Hawaii. Die skets is pragtig. Marinell and Liandri are two beautiful young ladies, now. I have last seen them in 1997, I think


    Tannie Martie


  4. What a lovely looking soup though!!

    I love your drawing!! hahahahahahaha,….

    have a great time & enjoy!


  5. Hi Ronell, have you tried adding bacon to your soup? It goes well with broccoli.it sounded nice anyway.
    have a fun trip and reswt up. Cheers Rosemary…
    PS.We are off to coffs harbour for 10 days by the sea too.


  6. Sun, Swim Slurp and Swivel those hips in Hawaii!
    Have a good trip see you when you come back.
    Adieu and Aloha


  7. Bon voyage … Hawaii … how delightful! I adore brocolli and brocolli soup, a must! Your recipe sounds delightful … I often ‘kick mine up a notch’ adding cayenne pepper (a puree blend of spinach, brocolli, carrots, sweet onions garlic, fresh seasonal herbs, coarse salt & freshly ground pepper with added white wine to stock … is also a winner topped with sour cream and snipped fresh herbs).


  8. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! By the way, the soup looks delicious! See you when you return!


  9. I hope you are having a great time in Hawaii. Your painting is adorable. Love the flip-flops! And the finished soup sounds very interesting. I never heard of putting a dollop of mayo in soup, that is a great idea.


  10. Mayonnaise in soup – you got my attention!! I love most broccoli soup – I always make broccoli soup with blue cheese – it gives a creamy nutty flavour that I adore…


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